89 Free Things to Do on Oasis of the Seas

mini golf on Oasis of the Seas

If you’re planning a cruise vacation on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, you’re probably wondering what’s included with your cruise fare. Although some of the ship’s restaurants, activities, and entertainment options do cost extra, you’ll find that a large portion are free. If this is your first cruise onboard the Oasis of the Seas, you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of fun options available.

So, we created this handy list of some of the best things to do on the Oasis of the Seas for free. Whether you’re looking for family friendly activities to enjoy with your kids or you are interested in relaxing in adult-only areas onboard, the Oasis of the Seas cruise ship has plenty to offer. In the post below, we will provide an extensive list of free things to do on the Oasis of the Seas.

Many of these activities will be listed in your daily Cruise Compass or in the Royal Caribbean app during your cruise. Still, some of the free activities are little known secrets that provide a great escape from the crowds. So, continue reading below to find out everything you need to know about the fun activities included on Oasis of the Seas!

1. Enjoy live music at Globe and Atlas Pub.

Globe and Atlas on Oasis of the Seas

Globe and Atlas is located in the Royal Promenade near Sorrentos Pizza. It offers both indoor and “outdoor” seating where guests can enjoy beverages while people watching or taking in live performances. Guests at Globe and Atlas can listen to live musicians in the Royal Promenade, but Globe and Atlas also offers live music on select nights during the cruise.

2. Pose for pictures by the classic car in the Royal Promenade.

During your cruise, you’ll notice photographers set up in select places throughout the ship. This is particularly true on formal night when lines form to have photos taken by the classic car in the Royal Promenade.

cruise ship photos with text 89 Free Things to Do on the Oasis of the Seas

Although it is an additional cost to purchase the photos, you can always have them taken for free. Additionally, you can take your own photo by the classic car during the day when it’s much less crowded.

3. Ride the Rising Tide Bar.

The Rising Tide Bar is a small bar that moves slowly between decks 5 and 8 on the Oasis of the Seas. You can board the bar and on one deck and exit on another. Note that kids are permitted to sit in the Rising Tide Bar; however, the bar will not move with children on board.

4. Enjoy the live performance of Cats.

Each of the Oasis-class ships features a Broadway style show like Hairspray, Grease, or Mamma Mia. The Oasis offers a live performance of CATS multiple times throughout the cruise.

5. Listen to jazz music in Jazz on 4.

If you are a lover of jazz music, you’ll want to check out Jazz on 4. You can check the daily Cruise Compass or Royal Caribbean app for more information on performance times.

6. Take a stroll on the jogging track.

Jog or walk along the jogging track that wraps around Deck 5 on Oasis of the Seas. This is a great way to enjoy fresh air and beautiful scenery while burning off the calories from all the free food onboard.

7. Slide on the Ultimate Abyss dry slide.

view of ultimate abyss

Guests can ride the Ultimate Abyss from Deck 16 all the way down to Deck 6 in the Boardwalk. Note that you must be at least 44 inches tall in order to ride the dry slide.

8. Listen to live music in the Royal Promenade.

Throughout the cruise, you’ll often find live music available to enjoy in the Royal Promenade. These singers typically perform popular songs that the whole family can sing and dance to.

9. Play mini golf at Oasis Dunes.

mini golf on Oasis of the Seas

The whole family will enjoy the miniature golf courses onboard many of the Royal Caribbean ships. Oasis Dunes is located on Deck 15 near the Sports Court.

10. Watch the Bionic Bar.

Bionic Bar on Oasis of the Seas

The Bionic Bar is located just off the Royal Promenade and offers fascinating entertainment for all ages. You can order a drink from the robotic bar, or just sit and watch drinks being made for others.

11. Boogie board on the FlowRider.

Guests 52 inches and taller can partake in boogie boarding on the FlowRider. This is located on Deck 16 Aft.

12. Sunbathe on the pool deck.

Check out a free pool towel from the stand and grab a lounger to enjoy the warm sunshine on the pool deck.

13. Enjoy piano music at Schooner Bar.

Sing along to your favorite hits in the piano bar, Schooner Bar, that’s located on Deck 6 near the Royal Promenade.

14. Go swimming.

The Oasis of the Seas features multiple swimming pools for families to enjoy. Adults can also find refuge in their own pool in the Solarium.

15. Play chess in Central Park.

The beautiful Central Park neighborhood is one of my family’s favorite spots on the whole ship. As you stroll along the quaint space, you’ll find a couple chess boards with chairs available to play.

16. Attend the live comedian show.

Check out your entertainment schedule and book a time to enjoy the live comedian onboard Oasis of the Seas. The comedy club hosts live performances multiple days during the cruise.

17. Watch a movie in the Aqua Theater.

Throughout the cruise, you’ll find movies playing in the AquaTheater. These will be listed in your Cruise Compass and on the Royal Caribbean app.

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Additionally, if you are cruising during a special sporting event (World Cup, Super Bowl, etc.), the games will often be televised in the AquaTheater.

18. Play board games in the Card Room on Deck 12.

Many cruisers don’t realize that Oasis of the Seas offers a Card Room on Deck 12. Here, you can play board games for free while overlooking the Boardwalk.

19. Exercise in the gym.

If you like to get in a workout even on vacation, you can visit Vitality Fitness Center on the ship for free. This is located on Deck 6.

20. Grab dessert from Cafe Promenade.

Cafe Promenade Oasis of the Seas

Cafe Promenade sits right in the heart of the Royal Promenade. You can find food and beverages here as well as a nice selection of desserts.

21. Eat a hotdog from Boardwalk Dog House.

Boardwalk Dog House is a great spot to pick up a snack or meal. Located in the Boardwalk neighborhood, this kid friendly dining option is included in your cruise fare.

22. Watch the belly flop contest.

This hilarious event usually takes place on one of the sea days. Guests can gather around the pool to watch the contestants jump from a platform straight onto their bellies.

23. Borrow a book from the library.

Visit the Oasis of the Seas Library that’s located in Central Park to choose a book from the small collection available to enjoy onboard.

24. Listen to live music on the pool deck.

You’ll often find a live band playing music on the pool deck. This provides a really fun atmosphere while enjoying the pools and activities.

25. Play table tennis.

You’ll find table tennis available first come first serve on Deck 15 Aft on Oasis of the Seas.

26. Dance in the nightclub, Blaze.

Check your daily Cruise Compass or Royal Caribbean app for specific times and themes in Blaze.

27. Relax in a hot tub.

The Oasis of the Seas provides multiple hot tubs in different areas onboard. Guests can enjoy soaking in the hot tubs on Decks 15 and 16.

28. Take a tour of artwork onboard.

Even if you don’t plan to purchase any of the art that’s for sale, you can take time to view it for free.

29. Try the famous roast beef sandwich at Park Cafe.

Park Cafe, which sits in the Central Park neighborhood, features delicious food options throughout the day. One of their most popular items, the roast beef sandwich, is a must-try on the ship.

30. Enjoy classical music in Central Park.

The Central Park neighborhood features a quiet, classy theme complete with live classical musical during certain times during the cruise.

31. Participate in stand up surfing on the FlowRider.

Oasis FlowRider

In addition to boogie boarding, the FlowRider is also available for stand up surfing. This activity is for guests 58 inches or taller. Additionally, you can pay a fee to take surfing lessons onboard.

32. Play trivia in the Central Park Library.

Guests will find trivia options available in different spots onboard, including in the Central Park Library. You’ll want to check the daily Cruise Compass or app to find the times and themes for the trivia games.

33. Climb the rock wall.

Guests will find two rock climbing walls in the aft (back) of the ship near the Boardwalk neighborhood. The rock-climbing wall has an age requirement of six years old or older, and climbers must wear socks and dry clothes.

34. Play in Splashaway Bay.

Splashaway Bay water slides

If you’re cruising with kids, they’ll surely want to check out the impressive Splashaway Bay water play area. This large splash pad is great for those kids who don’t meet the minimum height requirement of the larger water slides.

35. Visit the Kids’ Clubs.

Oasis of the Seas features Kids Clubs for different age groups on the ship. Each club offers open house times during the cruise where you can visit with your child.

36. Play cards in the Card Room on Deck 12.

In addition to the board games mentioned above, the Card Room also offers playing cards for you to enjoy.

37. Go ice skating.

Throughout the cruise, you’ll notice specified times to enjoy ice skating in Studio B. Note that long pants and socks are required for ice skating.

38. Watch the Aqua show.

dancers performing in water

Oasis of the Seas features an amazing live show, called Aqua80, that you don’t want to miss. Make sure you book reservations for this performance prior to your cruise. The music and acrobatics performed by the high divers will entertain even the youngest cruisers.

39. Listen to live country music at Portside BBQ.

Portside BBQ patio on Oasis of the Seas

Although Portside BBQ is an Oasis of the Seas restaurant that costs extra, you’ll often hear live country music being played outside on their patio.

40. Take advantage of a free breakfast at Johnny Rockets.

Although you will find lots of free dining options for breakfast, we recommend checking out Johnny Rockets. The breakfast is free here even though the lunch and dinner menus cost extra.

41. Take a line dance class in Boleros.

Check your Cruise Compass or app for information on special classes held at Boleros during your trip. This is located on Deck 5 near Starbucks.

42. Enjoy archery on the Sports Court.

Guests can partake in archery during specified times in the Cruise Compass.

43. Take part in a free spa treatment.

You’ll often find advertisements for free spa services in the daily Cruise Compass. These take place in Vitality Spa on Deck 5.

44. Dance at the Silent Party.

Throughout the cruise, you’ll find opportunities to attend a Silent Party where guests listen to music on headphones. This is typically available both as a family event and as an adults-only party.

45. Play Pickleball on the Sports Court.

Oasis of the Seas Sports Court

The sports court is full of all kinds of fun activities, including Pickleball.

46. Watch a movie in your cabin.

Guests can enjoy a selection of free movies to watch on their cabin TV.

47. Grab ice cream on the pool deck.

Although the line is typically quite long, guests can enjoy soft serve ice cream on the pool deck.

48. Watch a movie in the Royal Theater.

Throughout the cruise, you’ll find movies listed in the daily Cruise Compass or Royal Caribbean app that you can enjoy in the Royal Theater.

49. Participate in family drawing activities at Adventure Ocean Theatre.

Adventure Ocean Theatre is a part of the Kids Club that often features family activities free of charge. These will be listed in your Cruise Compass.

50. Sing karaoke.

If you love to sing, Spotlight Karaoke is a great place to show off your skills. This is located on Deck 5 near Starbucks.

51. Listen to others singing karaoke.

Even if you don’t want to climb on stage, you can listen to others belting out hits at Spotlight Karaoke. They even offer special times for the kids to join in the fun.

52. Take a fitness class in the Fitness Center.

You’ll find lots of free fitness classes available in Vitality Fitness Center. These will be listed in the Cruise Compass.

53. Watch for shooting stars.

If you booked a stateroom with a balcony, you can spend evenings searching for shooting stars while at sea. My family and I saw close to ten from our Junior Suite balcony while docked in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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If you don’t have a balcony, you can enjoy star gazing from the pool deck or jogging track.

54. Attend one of the craft workshops.

As with most of the activities and workshops listed above, you’ll find information about free crafting opportunities listed in your daily Cruise Compass and Royal Caribbean app.

55. Play basketball.

One of the most popular activities to enjoy on the Sports Court is basketball. You will find organized times for this in the Cruise Compass or you can visit during free times as well.

56. Attend the Anchors Aweigh Parade.

The family friendly Anchors Aweigh Parade is an exciting activity that’s offered during select days on the cruise. This will be listed in the Cruise Compass, and it typically takes place in the Royal Promenade.

57. Take a Latin dance class in Boleros.

Boleros offers free Latin dance classes during certain times during the cruise.

58. Ride the zipline.

Unlike the zip lines available on the private islands of Labadee and Perfect Day at Cococay, Royal Caribbean’s Oasis class ships offer free zip lining experiences to enjoy onboard. Guests must be at least 52 inches tall and 75 pounds to ride the zip line.

59. Take a stroll through Central Park.

Central Park on oasis of the Seas

As mentioned above, this is one of my family’s favorite neighborhoods on the Oasis of the Seas. Stroll through Central Park to take in the scenery and enjoy the live music that’s often available.

60. Attend the 70’s party.

This super fun themed event takes place on 70’s night during the cruise. Guests can dress up and dance to popular tunes from the 70’s.

61. Play soccer on the Sports Court.

Another fun activity available on the Sports Court is the organized soccer tournaments that are offered throughout the cruise.

62. Take a ballroom dance class in Boleros.

No matter what type of dancing you’re hoping to learn, Boleros has you covered. Try out their free ballroom dancing classes during specified times onboard.

63. Watch the Sexiest Man Competition.

Similar to the Belly Flop Competition, the Sexiest Man Contest is full of fun. Check your Cruise Compass for specific times for this event that is often held in the AquaTheater.

64. Take part in science experiments at Adventure Ocean.

In addition to craft activities and movies, Adventure Ocean often opens its doors to fun family entertainment like science experiments.

65. Play dodgeball on the Sports Court.

Who doesn’t love a friendly game of dodgeball? Enjoy this fun family activity on the Sports Court while on Oasis of the Seas.

66. Ride the carousel.

Guests of all ages can ride the carousel for free as many times as they like. The carousel sits in the Boardwalk neighborhood near Playmakers. Note that kids under 42 inches must ride with an adult.

67. Attend a card making workshop.

Throughout the cruise, you’ll find arts and crafts activities available during select times onboard.

68. Watch the ventriloquist show.

Like the other live performances, you won’t want to miss the ventriloquist show if it’s available during your sailing. The dates and times for this should be available on the Entertainment Schedule you receive on Day 1.

69. Burn off calories by climbing stairs from deck to deck.

While this may not sound like a ton of fun, climbing the stairs is a great way to avoid elevator crowds and burn off calories. Plus, it wears out the kids just in time for bed.

70. Browse through the shops in the Royal Promenade.

Even if you don’t plan to purchase any of the merchandise, the shops onboard are fun to browse through. And the prices are surprisingly reasonable for most items.

71. Play Pool Volleyball.

The Deck 15 Sports Pool sometimes hosts Pool Volleyball. This will be listed in the Cruise Compass and in the app.

72. Watch a game at Playmakers Sports Bar.

two big screen tvs at Playmakers

While Playmakers Sports Bar offers food and beverages for an additional cost, you can watch popular sporting games on the screens there. If you do choose to eat, the prices at Playmakers are really reasonable. Additionally, the beverages are included in the Deluxe Drink Package if you purchased this.

73. Take your picture under the trellis in Central Park.

Located near Trellis Bar, the trellis arch is a beautiful spot for a photo op while on Oasis of the Seas.

74. Attend a live game show.

You’ll find all kinds of fun game shows available daily on the cruise. These will all be listed in the schedule. From a Love and Marriage show to Family Feud, you’re sure to find a game you enjoy.

75. Play laser tag.

Guests can enjoy laser tag during specified times on the cruise. Note that participants must be at least five years old and 40 inches tall. You will also need to wear closed toe shoes.

76. Cool off on the water slides.

Pool on Oasis of the Seas with pink waterslide in background

The Perfect Storm waterslides are super fun to enjoy on Oasis of the Seas. To enjoy the slides with little to no wait, we recommend riding on embarkation day after boarding the ship. These slides include a range of minimum height requirements from 48″ to 52″ depending on the slide.

77. Watch a hair show in Vitality Salon.

Vitality Salon offers free experiences throughout the cruise, including a hair show. Times will be featured in the Cruise Compass.

78. Participate in Quest in Studio B.

Quest is one of the most popular adult activities to enjoy on Oasis of the Seas. This experience is held in Studio B.

79. Play Sudoku in the Central Park Library.

You will find times for organized Sudoku games in the Central Park Library.

80. Play Name That Tune in Spotlight Karaoke.

This fun event often follows a theme with the songs it features. It’s available during select times at Spotlight Karaoke.

81. Watch the ice show: Frozen in Time.

yellow duck costumes ice skating

The Frozen in Time ice show takes place in Studio B and is available for reservations prior to the cruise. This show was a big hit with our kids; however, the adults weren’t huge fans.

82. Attend a Meet and Mingle at Music Hall.

If you’re cruising as a single or you just want to meet new people onboard, you can check out one of the Meet and Mingle events at Music Hall.

83. Enjoy peace and quiet in the Solarium.

Those looking for an adults-only location to escape the kids will want to hang out in the Solarium. Here, you can enjoy a pool, hot tubs, bar, and bistro. Note that bistro is open to all ages and the Solarium is actually for guests 16 and older.

84. Listen to live music in Music Hall.

Music Hall often features live music throughout the cruise. You can find times for these in the Cruise Compass or in the Royal Caribbean app.

85. Dress up for theme nights.

During the cruise, you will find certain themes designated to each day. While a lot of people don’t partake in these themed nights, many do! Some of the themes you’ll find include Formal Night, 70’s Night, Caribbean Night, and White Night.

86. Try to catch the piano man in the elevator.

During the second sea day, our family enjoyed a pleasant surprise when the elevator doors opened to a gentleman sitting at a piano. This young man sang popular kids songs as we rode the elevator up to our deck.

87. Sip coffee on your balcony.

two lounge chairs on Oasis of the Seas balcony

If you booked a room with a balcony, we recommend taking time to enjoy a nice breakfast or coffee on a lazy morning before the day’s activities begin.

88. Enjoy Latin music in Boleros.

Boleros offers lively entertainment with its Latin music during specified times on the cruise.

89. Take part in an organized scavenger hunt.

Check out the Cruise Compass and the Royal Caribbean app for specific times and locations for various scavenger hunts offered throughout the trip.

Final Thoughts on Oasis of the Seas Activities

Overall, Oasis of the Seas provides plenty of fun things to do for free while onboard. Even though many of the Royal Caribbean ships offer numerous activities, the Oasis-class ships arguably are some of the most jam packed with fun. While the list above is specific to Oasis of the Seas, you will find similar entertainment options available onboard her sister ships like Harmony of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, Wonder of the Seas, and Symphony of the Seas.

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For a full breakdown of the ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet, you can check out our post on Royal Caribbean Ship Classes. In the meantime, we hope you have the best time on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas! So, what do you think? What are the best things to do on the Oasis of the Seas? Comment below to share your thoughts!

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