Oasis of the Seas Suites – What to Know before Booking

Crown Loft suite living and dining area

If you’re planning a vacation onboard the Royal Caribbean ship, Oasis of the Seas, you’re probably debating which room to book. While many cruisers would say that any room on a cruise ship is better than being stuck at home, the Oasis of the Seas features some rooms that are more desirable than others.

The Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas suites include the most spacious and luxurious rooms on the ship. When booking a suite, you can choose anything from a junior suite in the lowest category all the way to the Royal Loft Suite.

No matter which suite on Oasis of the Seas you choose to book, you’ll receive special suite perks and conveniences. You’ll also be able to enjoy more spacious accommodations on your trip as even the smallest suites offer extra living and storage space.

So, if you’re considering booking one of the many Oasis of the Seas suites for an upcoming trip, check out our full guide and honest opinions of the ones we have experienced below!

Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Rooms

Before we jump into a full rundown of the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas suites, it’s important to note that the ship offers several different types of non-suite rooms as well. These non suite cabins come in handy in many instances, including if you are traveling with fewer people, don’t need the extra space, or are trying to save money on your stateroom prices.

Crown Loft suite living and dining area
Living and Dining Area in Crown Loft Suite

Additionally, some families prefer to book two separate cabins instead of one larger room on the cruise. This allows you to enjoy the extra living space and multiple bathrooms without the hugely inflated price tag of a suite.

You can even open most of the balcony dividers outside the balcony staterooms to create one long balcony. So, if some of your family is sailing in the room next to you, you can open the balcony wall to move easily from one cabin to the other.

Regular Rooms

If you’re interested in non-suite rooms aboard the Oasis of the Seas, you can choose between the following:

  • Interior Stateroom – includes rooms with no window or balcony, rooms with a window overlooking the Royal Promenade, or rooms with a window overlooking the Boardwalk or Central Park
  • Oceanview Cabin – includes rooms with a window that overlooks the ocean
  • Balcony Stateroom – includes rooms with a balcony that overlook the ocean, Boardwalk, or Central Park


In addition to these regular rooms you’ll find on Oasis of the Seas, guests can also choose between the luxurious suites that are available on the ship. The Oasis of the Seas suites you’ll find during booking (if they are not sold out) include the following:

  • Junior Suite – (sleeps 4) includes extra living space, larger bathroom, and walk-in closet; private balcony
  • Grand Suite – (sleeps 4) includes even more living space in the sitting area, bathroom with double sinks, and larger balcony
  • Owner’s Suite – (sleeps 4) includes large living and dining area, bedroom, and bathroom with double sinks and a separate tub/shower; spacious balcony
  • Crown Loft Suite – (sleeps 4) includes living and dining area with full bathroom downstairs, master bedroom, vanity area, and full bathroom in upstairs loft; balcony
  • 2 Bedroom Grand Suite – (sleeps 8) includes a living room with two separate bedrooms and two separate bathrooms; spacious balcony
  • 1 Bedroom AquaTheater Suite – (sleeps 4) includes separate living and sleeping areas, bathroom with single vanity; wrap-around balcony 
  • Ultimate Panoramic Suite – (sleeps 4) includes large living room, large bedroom with vanity/work desk, main bathroom with separate vanities and separate tub/shower, powder room; no balcony
  • 2 Bedroom AquaTheater Suite – (sleeps 8) includes living and dining area, two separate bedrooms, two bathrooms, extra large wrap-around balcony overlooking AquaTheater
  • Star Loft Suite – (sleeps 4) includes large living and dining area downstairs with full bathroom; bedroom and bathroom in upstairs loft; extra large balcony
  • Grand Loft Suite – (sleeps 4) includes large dining and living area, bedroom, 2 bathrooms, balcony with jacuzzi 
  • Owner’s Panoramic Suite – (sleeps 4) includes large living and dining area, bedroom, 2 large bathrooms, balcony with jacuzzi 
  • Royal Loft Suite – (sleeps 6) includes extra large living, dining, and entertainment room (with grand piano); downstairs bedroom and bathroom; large bedroom, closet, and bathroom in upstairs loft; extra large wraparound balcony with dining space and jacuzzi 

As you can see, Oasis of the Seas features numerous suite options for guests. Whether you’re looking for multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, large balconies, or dining areas, the Oasis rooms have you covered.

Bidding on a Suite

If you are planning to book a suite on Oasis of the Seas, we highly recommend watching videos or reading reviews of the specific room you plan to book. For example, my family and I almost used the Royal Up Program to bid on a 1-Bedroom AquaTheater Suite. 

screenshot of Royal UP

However, after reading reviews of this room, I realized that the balconies get smaller the higher up you go. So if your AquaTheater suite is on a high deck, your balcony may not be very spacious. Since an outdoor balcony is important to us, we chose not to bid on this suite type in case we ended up with one of the smaller balconies.

If you would like additional information on bidding for an upgraded room, we recommend checking out our post on the Royal Caribbean Royal Up Program. In that article, we provide information on the rooms that we were offered as an upgrade as well as the minimum bidding suite prices for our trip.

Oasis of the Seas Suite Perks

I’m not going to go into a ton of detail here about the Oasis of the Seas Suite perks because I have an entire post dedicated to this information. However, I will note that Oasis of the Seas features three separate suites categories: Sea Class, Sky Class, and Star Class.

Each of the suites listed above can be categorized into one of these groups. The Sea Class (which includes Junior Suites) offers the fewest number of perks, but this is a great starting point if it works with your budget.

Coastal Kitchen
Coastal Kitchen (Suites Restaurant)

The Sky Class (which includes the Grand suites, 1-bedroom AquaTheater, Crown Loft, and Owner’s Suite) offers additional suite perks, including concierge services. Suite guests sailing in the Sky Class receive all day access to Coastal Kitchen, free WIFI, and more. 

The Star Class Suites include the rest of the rooms listed above. These feature lots of benefits like free dining in specialty restaurants, free drink packages, free internet, and access to a Royal Genie.

For a full rundown of all the Royal Suite Class perks available on Oasis of the Seas, we highly recommend checking out our post on Royal Caribbean Suite Benefits. In that post, we explain the perks associated with each suite level. We also detail how some of the perks save you money on your trip.

Royal Caribbean deluxe beverage package ad in cruise planner

For example, if you plan on purchasing the Royal Caribbean Beverage Package, Dining Package, or Internet Package, you may be interested to know that these items are included in your cruise fare with Star Class Suites. So, you can total up the amount you plan to spend on each of these cruise add-ons and subtract it from the price of the Star Class Suite.

You may find that the Royal Genie, incredible conveniences, and free extras make the price of a Star Class suite worth it for your trip.

Best Suites on Oasis of the Seas

Cruisers often want to know which suites on Oasis of the Seas are the best. The answer to this question is truly subjective as each family has different preferences and needs. Obviously, the Star Class Suites would beat out a Sky Class Suite or a Junior Suite since the Star Class includes way more perks. If you are torn between different rooms in the same suite category, we recommend watching video tours or reading reviews comparing the cabins.

king bed and pullout in junior suite on Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas
Junior Suite on Oasis of the Seas

You can read our full review of a Royal Caribbean Junior Suite in this post where we provide lots of pictures and a tour of our cabin. In that article, we also feature pros and cons for staying in a Junior Suite along with information on whether or not we felt the price was worth it.

From my family’s experience, we would recommend moving up one level from a Junior Suite to a Grand Suite if the price is within your budget. While the Grand Suite doesn’t offer a ton of extra space compared to the Junior Suite, it does come with Sky Class benefits. This means you get all day access to Coastal Kitchen and free WIFI.

Royal Caribbean Crown Loft Suite
Crown Loft Suite on Oasis of the Seas

If you are debating between multiple Sky Class suites, we highly recommend the Crown Loft Suite. The tall ceilings and windows in this room provide lots of natural light. 

You can read our full review of the Crown Loft Suite here. In that post, you can see just how beautiful the bathrooms and floor-to-ceiling windows are in the room. Plus, our balcony overlooked the Boardwalk, which allowed views of the Aqua show at night.

These rooms are also beautifully decorated and include impressive bathrooms. Plus, they sit right down the hall from the exclusive suites lounge and restaurant.

2 Bedroom AquaTheater Suite

Those debating between Star Class suites should consider the Star Loft Suite and the 2-Bedroom AquaTheater Suite. The other Star Class suites are amazing, but the Ultimate Panoramic Suite doesn’t include a balcony. The remaining Star Class suites are either hard to snag or come with an incredibly hefty price tag.

Final Thoughts on Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Suites

Overall, you really can’t go wrong in any of Royal Caribbean’s suites onboard the Oasis of the Seas. My family and I really enjoy having access to the suites restaurant, Coastal Kitchen, as it offers a much calmer, relaxed vibe. 

If you sail in a Junior Suite, you can still enjoy this exclusive dining option at dinner (based on availability). However, if you can swing the suite prices for a Grand Suite or above, you can enjoy this impressive restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. 

Cabin pictures with text overlay Best (and worst) Suites Oasis of the Seas

If you’re sailing on one of the other Royal Caribbean ships, you’ll find many of the same suites perks and room types. The Oasis-class ships and Quantum class ships offer this exclusive dining experience.

Additionally, if you branch out from the Oasis of the Seas, you can find different types of suites like the Ultimate Family Suite along with other suite categories. Plus, ships like Icon of the Seas feature a whole suite neighborhood for guests to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for large closets, a second bedroom, a dining table, a large living area, or extra balcony space, Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas suites are full of amazing layouts and amenities. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy your trip no matter which room you ultimately choose to book.

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