Things to Do in Labadee Haiti for the Day

mountains and water in Labadee Haiti

Royal Caribbean’s private cruise port in Haiti is full of beautiful scenery, exciting experiences, and amazing beaches. Whether you’re looking to enjoy your day by lounging on the beach or by participating in adrenaline pumping activities, Labadee is full of fun things to do. Additionally, Labadee features all kinds of activities to enjoy with kids as well as unique places to find the best views.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something to meet your needs on Royal Caribbean’s private island in Haiti. In this post, we will provide a full guide to Labadee, the beautiful private peninsula that sits on the north coast of Haiti. We’ll give you an overview of the beaches you’ll find on the island, including a full account of the cabanas available to rent on each beach.

This post will also cover available shore excursions in Labadee as well as a list of free things to do on the island. So, continue reading below for everything you need to know about Royal Caribbean’s private Haitian paradise – Labadee Haiti.

Beaches in Labadee Haiti

Royal Caribbean’s private island of Labadee offers several different beaches for guests to enjoy. If you’re planning to spend your beach day by sunbathing, building sandcastles, or reading a good book, the beaches in Labadee provide the perfect atmosphere. Below, we will provide a brief overview of the various beaches in Labadee Haiti, including the beach cabanas available (at an additional cost) in each location.

mountains and ocean in Labadee Haiti
View of Labadee, Haiti from Ship

Nellie’s Beach

Nellie’s Beach is located about a ten-minute walk from the pier in Labadee, or you can take the free tram to this popular spot. This small beach area offers calm waters and plenty of beach chairs for guests. Nellie’s Beach is centrally located on the Labadee peninsula, which allows easy access to other activities and entertainment.

red tractor pulling two trams
Free Shuttle

Guests will need to walk a bit in order to dine at one of the available spots for lunch, though, as Nellie’s Beach is not home to its own cafe. Still, the walk to Columbus Cove Cafe or Cafe Labadee aren’t too far away. If you are interested in booking a cabana on Nellie’s Beach, you have several options. 

  • Over the Water Cabana – Priced at around $1500 per cabana
  • Waterfront Cabana – $1200 per cabana
  • Beach Cabana – $1000 per cabana

Each of the cabanas holds 8 people, and it includes two floating mats and a cabana attendant.

Columbus Cove

Sitting just past Nellie’s Beach, Columbus Cove offers calm water and views of the Royal Caribbean ship docked at the pier. This beautiful beach is accessible via the free tram or by foot with a roughly 15 minute walk from the ship. You may also notice a tender boat available to take you from the pier to Columbus Cove; although, this isn’t always available.

Columbus Cove Map

Families visiting Columbus Cove love the easy access to the lunch buffet and the kid-friendly beach area. Beach loungers are readily available on Columbus Cove, or you can reserve a Beach Bungalow ahead of time. These Columbus Cove cabanas typically cost around $500 per bungalow and include bottles of water, floating mats, and a cabana attendant.

Cabanas in Columbus Cove Haiti
Columbus Cove Bungalows

Note that you will not reserve a specific bungalow ahead of time like at Perfect Day at CocoCay. Instead, the beach bungalows are first come first serve upon your arrival to Columbus Cove. We recommend snagging one of the beach bungalows that’s located in the middle. While those cabanas at the far end of the beach may offer more privacy, the tide eventually comes up to those bungalows causing little to no beach space.

Adrenaline Beach

Adrenaline Beach is located on the northern side of the Labadee peninsula, and it offers the most beach space of all the Labadee beaches. While Adrenaline Beach can be really windy and rocky, it offers a unique experience and is often less crowded.

Beach games in the sand
Games near Adrenaline Beach

Guests visiting Adrenaline Beach can enjoy views of the zipline, and they have easy access to the floating bar. While you’ll find lots of beach chairs available on Adrenaline Beach, you can also reserve cabanas during your stay.

  • Beach Lounger for Two – Priced at around $100 per set (NOT per person) depending on sailing
  • Beach Bed – Priced at $400 per bed and holds 4 people (These include four bottled waters, beach towels, and two floating mats.)

Note that with all cabanas and excursions, prices can fluctuate drastically depending on the time of year and ship you are sailing.

Barefoot Beach

While the main beaches are free for cruisers to visit, Labadee also features a private beach for suite guests. Barefoot Beach is the private beach in Labadee that’s available for guests in a Grand Suite or higher. Pinnacle members also have access to this exclusive beach.

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In addition to the private beach, suite guests (and Pinnacle members) also receive access to Barefoot Beach Cabana Club where they can enjoy a private lunch buffet. Barefoot Beach offers several different cabanas that guests can book in advance. The Labadee beach cabanas you’ll find on Barefoot Beach include the following:

  • Barefoot Overwater Cabanas – Priced at around $1500 per cabana depending on your sailing
  • Barefoot Waterfront Cabanas – Estimated at $1200 per cabana depending on sailing
  • Barefoot Beach Hilltop Cabanas – $1100 per cabana depending on sailing
  • Barefoot Beach Standard Cabanas – $1000 per cabana depending on sailing

All of the cabanas allow space for up to 8 people. Each cabana includes bottles of water, two floating beach mats, and a cabana attendant. For a full list of benefits that come with a suite, check out our post on Royal Caribbean Suite Perks!


As you exit the ship and walk onto Labadee, you’ll find yourself in Buccaneer’s Bay. This area features live entertainment to greet cruise passengers along with meeting areas for many of the shore excursions. Guests can reserve excursions for Labadee in the Online Cruise Planner prior to their cruise.

street dancers in Labadee

Additionally, you can visit the Shore Excursions desk on the ship to book activities as long as they haven’t sold out. You’ll find lots of things to do in Labadee whether you’re looking to cool off from the sun or partake in adventurous experiences. Some of the shore excursions available in Labadee include the following:

  • Speed Boat Tour – Board a speed boat for a guided tour of the coastline, which includes lots of interesting and historical information from the tour guide. This excursion typically runs for about 45 minutes and is available for $45 for guests 10 and older. 
  • Speed Boat and Snorkel – Similar to the experience listed above, the Speed Boat and Snorkel excursion allows guests to enjoy an informative ride on a speedboat. Riders are then able to snorkel among sea life and coral reefs for a total excursion time of 1.5 hours. This activity is available for guests ages 10 and up, and it costs roughly $65 per person.
  • Parasailing – Guests 12 and older can enjoy a 45 minute boat ride along with a 5 minute parasailing adventure on this excursion. Prices run at around $80 per person.
  • Wave Jet Tour – Rent a jet ski for an extra exciting experience that includes beautiful views of Labadee. The minimum age for this activity is 16 and the cost is usually around $105 per driver. (Note that you can add a second person onto your jet ski for around $30 as long as they are 10 years old or older.)
  • Dragon’s Breath Flight Line – This Dragon’s Breath zipline in Labadee allows  guests to ride feet first. The minimum height requirement is 48 inches with an estimated cost of $100 per person.
  • Dragon’s Fire Flight Line – This zip line in Labadee allows riders to zoom headfirst down the zip line. The minimum height requirement is 48 inches. The cost estimate is $110 per person.
  • Dragon’s Tail Coaster – This roller coaster allows you to board a cart and slide down a track at close to 30 mph. The minimum height requirement for this attraction is 54 inches, and riders must be at least 12 years old. The price for a single ride is typically $20 per person.
  • Labadee Historic Walking Tour – This is an informational walking tour of Labadee, which costs around $20 for the hour.
  • Sailing Yacht Experience – This sailing experience allows guests to enjoy 3 hours on a yacht with stops for swimming. It typically costs around $74 per child and $130 per adult.
  • Labadee Traditions – This shore excursion features a 2 hour tour of Labadee, including a short boat ride and cultural experiences in the artisan village. It is typically priced at around $50 per person and is available for guests aged 3 and up.
  • Coastal Cruise – This is a catamaran cruise of Labadee that’s full of cultural information. It is usually priced at around $50 per person.
  • Island Escape – The Island Escape features a boat ride to the beautiful Amiga Island where you can enjoy the private beach. This excursion is priced at around $60 per person.
  • Sportfishing – Labadee Sportfishing is a 3 hour fishing expedition for guests aged 8-75. It typically runs at $140 per child and $240 per adult.
  • Paradise Cove Escape and Haitian Village Experience – This excursion includes a visit to the beautiful private beach, Paradise Cove, followed by a guided tour of a Haitian village. This 3-hour long excursion typically costs $60 per child and $80 per adult.
  • Labadee Snorkel Safari – This is a two hour catamaran ride and snorkeling adventure for guests 3 years old and above. It can be booked for $45 per kid and $65 per adult.
  • Labadee Sip and Paint – This excursion includes free cocktails while painting a handmade souvenir. It is available for guests 3 and older and costs around $50.
  • Kayak Adventure – Kayak through the waters of Labadee with a tour guide who offers interesting and historical information about the island. This shore excursion is available for guests 8 and older, and it typically costs around $35 per person.
  • Arawak Aqua Park – This inflatable water park is available for guests who are 48 inches or taller and at least seven years old. The cost is typically $20 per person for an hour of fun. (Note that these inflatables are quite difficult to climb on from the water and younger kids may have difficulty.)
  • Dragon’s Splash Waterslide – Cool off on this 300 ft. water slide in Labadee for roughly $25 per person for the day. Riders must be at least 7 years old and 48 inches tall.

Free Things to Do in Labadee Haiti

If you’re looking for additional things to do in Labadee, the list below includes some fun options.

  • Play at Adventure Ocean Oasis – fun splash pad for kids 
  • Pick up a Game of Basketball
  • Enjoy the Bocce Ball Court
  • Play a Game of Volleyball 
  • Visit All the Beaches
  • Take a Walk around the Island
  • Ride the Free Tram

In addition to the activities listed above, guests can enjoy free food in Labadee in the form of a buffet lunch. The cost of this is included in your initial cruise fare.

What to Bring to Labadee

Depending on the activities you have booked for your day in Haiti, you may need different items. We suggest reading the Royal Caribbean overview on their official website for any shore excursions you have booked.

pictures of Labadee with text Best Things to Do in Labadee haiti

This should explain exactly what types of clothes and shoes to wear as well as any items to bring with you. If you plan to spend your time on one of the many beaches, we like to bring the following items:

  • water shoes (Some beaches are rocky.)
  • sunscreen (reef safe)
  • hat
  • sunglasses
  • Seapass cards
  • towels (from the ship)
  • camera or phone (Ship Internet does not work on Labadee.)
  • collapsible bucket with shovels
  • refillable water bottles

For additional information on what to pack for a cruise, we recommend checking out our Ultimate Cruise Packing List. This post includes packing tips for your entire cruise vacation. It also features a free cruise packing list that you can print!


These are the most frequently asked questions about Labadee Haiti. If you have additional inquiries, feel free to comment at the bottom of this post.

Where is Labadee Haiti located on a map?

Labadee sits on the northern coast of Haiti just west of the Dominican Republic. Although it’s often referred to as an island, Labadee is actually a private peninsula used by Royal Caribbean.

Is Labadee Haiti safe?

The private peninsula of Labadee is safe to visit. The resort area is gated off and secured from locals except those who are cleared to work there. In addition, cruise passengers are not able to leave the area unless on a shore excursion.

Does Royal Caribbean provide towels?

Yes, you can grab towels to use on Labadee while on the Royal Caribbean ship. Additionally, some of the cabana rentals include beach towels.

Are the Columbus Cove Beach Bungalows priced per person?

No, the Columbus Cove Beach Bungalows are priced per cabana. Even though the Royal Caribbean app and cruise planner may read “per person,” the bungalow rate is for the cabana. The fine print usually explains this; however, the posted price can be confusing.

Do Royal Caribbean drink packages work on Labadee?

Yes, if you purchased a beverage package for your cruise, it will be honored in Labadee and in Cococay.

What is the best beach in Labadee Haiti? 

Labadee’s beaches are all beautiful, and they all offer a different vibe. We recommend visiting each of the beaches if you have time, so you get a feel for the uniqueness of each one.

Oasis of the Seas in Haiti

If you’re looking for the best beach in Labadee, my family and I usually spend our time in Columbus Cove. Since this beach is free of rocks, it’s a great spot for toddlers and kids to splash in the water or play in the sand.

Final Thoughts on What to Do in Labadee Haiti

Overall, Labadee is a beautiful, private spot to visit while sailing with Royal Caribbean. The peninsula is full of unique beaches, shore excursions, and fun activities that the whole family can enjoy. I want to end by mentioning the Artisan Market on the island where locals sell various types of merchandise.

blue water slide in labadee
Water Slide in Labadee

Prior to visiting Labadee, I heard/read lots of reviews stating the people in the Artisan Village were aggressive and manipulative. Our group of sixteen, including seven kids, did not have an issue walking through this area. Yes, the locals yell at you while trying to get your attention to buy things. But, they all seemed friendly about it.

Artisan Village in Labadee

Additionally, security guards keep the merchants in a specific area; so, they weren’t allowed to approach us while walking outside the market. Many of the merchants will stand at the entrance trying to entice you inside, but we politely declined and kept walking. They all had big smiles on their faces and seemed super friendly. They are usually just eager to find interested buyers.

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I mention all of this to say – don’t let any negative reviews of the Artisan Market deter you from visiting this amazing destination. Labadee is full of pristine beaches, fun excursions, and cultural experiences. What are your favorite things to do in Labadee Comment below to share with us!

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