Royal Caribbean Junior Suite Perks

king bed and pullout in junior suite on Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas

You may be wondering if the Royal Caribbean Junior Suite perks make the splurge worth it. My extended family and I recently sailed on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas in three different types of staterooms. During this trip, I was able to compare the junior suites with the regular balcony cabins and the Crown Loft suites on the ship.

We noticed a huge difference in the room sizes, amenities, and perks associated with each of these rooms. In the post below, I’ll provide our candid thoughts and honest opinion about what it’s like staying in the Royal Caribbean junior suites. You’ll be able to compare the layout and space available in the junior suite vs some of the other types of rooms onboard the ships.

You’ll also find out exactly which suite perks come with a junior suite and whether or not these benefits (or lack thereof) make up for the price difference with other rooms. So, continue reading below for an ultimate guide to the junior suites onboard the Royal Caribbean cruise ships!

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Junior Suite Perks

Royal Caribbean junior suites are categorized as Sea Class Suites. Although this is the lowest level of suites offered by Royal Caribbean International, the junior suites do come with several perks in addition to the extra room space. Firstly, junior suite guests are able to board with Star Class and Sky Class passengers at the terminal on embarkation day.

suite waiting room at Royal Caribbean terminal in Miami
Miami Cruise Terminal Suite Waiting Room

When we arrived on boarding day, we entered the Royal Caribbean cruise terminal in a separate line than the non-suite guests. We were escorted to a much less crowded room to go through security. After that, we were able to enjoy a waiting room for suite guests that included comfortable seating, private restrooms, and free snacks and beverages. Once the ship was cleared for new passengers, the suite guests were allowed on first

In addition to priority embarkation, junior suite guests are permitted to dine at Coastal Kitchen restaurant for dinner. Even though the cruise ships offer many specialty restaurants, Coastal Kitchen was our favorite dining experience onboard the Oasis.

Coastal Kitchen restaurant on Oasis of the Seas
Coastal Kitchen

Other Royal Caribbean junior suites perks you’ll find include double Crown and Anchor Society points and bathrobes. For a full guide of benefits available onboard, check out our post on Royal Caribbean Suites Perks. Also, note that we did not have bathrobes in our junior suite on Oasis of the Seas. If they are important to you, you may need to ask the stateroom attendant after you board.

What’s NOT Included

As mentioned above, Sky Class and Star Class guests receive additional perks when sailing with Royal Caribbean. Some of the benefits that are NOT included for junior suite guests include:

  • Concierge service
  • Complimentary room service
  • Royal Genie
  • Priority disembarkation
  • Special embarkation lunch
  • Free Royal Caribbean Internet
  • VIP seats in theater
  • Access to concierge lounge
  • Dining in Coastal Kitchen at breakfast and lunch
  • Access to suite sun deck
  • Special timing for activities
  • Priority tender tickets
  • Free luggage valet service
  • Carry on bag drop off
  • Free deluxe beverage package
  • Free specialty dining package

If you are looking for exclusive access to suite-only areas onboard the ships or other benefits mentioned above, you would need to book a stateroom that is categorized as Sky Class or Star Class.

Crown Loft Suite living room
Crown Loft Suite (Sky Class)

These suites can differ depending on which Royal Caribbean ship you are sailing. But, some of the suites that offer some of the perks listed above include:

  • Star Loft Suite
  • Royal Loft Suite
  • Grand Suite
  • Owner’s Suite
  • AquaTheater Suite
  • Ultimate Family Suite
  • Crown Loft Suite

Depending on the suite level of the room, the suites above may offer all or some of the Royal suite class benefits.

Royal Caribbean Jr Suite Tour

The Royal Caribbean junior suites offer extra room for cruisers without the hefty price tag of a full suite. The junior suites onboard the Oasis of the Seas measure 287 square feet with a balcony size of 80 square feet making them much roomier than the average stateroom.

Closet Space

When you enter a junior suite onboard the Oasis class ships, you’ll find a full bathroom on one side of the entryway with a walk-in closet on the other side.

Junior Suite Closet with packing cubes on shelves
Walk-in Closet

The walk-in closet seemed much smaller in person than it had looked in pictures, but it provided plenty of space for our things. My family and I use packing cubes (Amazon Affiliate Link) to keep our clothes organized while on vacation, and the junior suite closet featured lots of shelves for our organizational cubes.

I chose to hang our over-the-door shoe organizer in the closet since there was an open wall available. These pockets held things like toiletries, medicines, sunscreen, etc. Additionally, I used these magnetic hooks to hang both the organizer and wet swimsuits during the trip. (Amazon Affiliate Links)

The closet was roomy enough that we were able to store our stroller inside it. There was additional space available for luggage or larger items, but all of our suitcases fit under the bed in the room. For more packing tips and hacks, check out our article on Packing for a Cruise.


The private bathroom in the junior suite staterooms feature a decent sized vanity with storage both above and below the sink. 

Bathroom with toilet and tub

These bathrooms also offer a shower/tub combo, which work great for those families looking for a bathtub in their cruise cabin. Additionally, you can remove the shower head to allow for easy rinsing of little ones.

Living Space

Walking beyond the entryway, guests will find a long built-in desk with cabinets and drawers for additional storage. This is where the mini-refrigerator and the outlets are located. We packed cruise appropriate power strips so that we could plug in multiple devices at once. This came in really handy as there aren’t outlets next to the bed. However, my sister was able to find an outlet hiding behind the bed. (Amazon Affiliate Link)

king bed and pullout in cruise cabin
Junior Suite after Turn Down Service
pull out sofa bed in junior suite on Oasis of the Seas
Sofa Bed on Oasis of the Seas

The bed in the Royal Caribbean junior suites is known as a Royal King Bed. This is basically a set of twin beds that can be converted into a regular king-size bed. The living room or sitting area in the junior suites provide a couch, chair, and table. The couch pulls out into a double sofa bed. This double bed provided plenty of room for our two young kids.

Balcony Space

Access to a private balcony has become a determining factor for us when booking a stateroom on a cruise ship. The balcony doors provide lots of natural light in the room, and it’s nice to have private outdoor space.

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Cruise Planner

Our junior suite balcony featured a small table with two chairs AND two lounge chairs. Since we had family members in the two rooms next to us, we asked our stateroom attendant to open the balcony walls.

connecting balconies Oasis of the Seas

This allowed us to combine balconies from three separate staterooms, which made for one long balcony with lots of seating space. You can read more about our experience cruising with a large group of family members in multiple staterooms here – Oasis of the Seas Trip Review.

Is a Royal Caribbean Junior Suite Worth It?

If you’re wondering if a junior suite is worth it or not, it really depends on the size of your family and on what you’re hoping to get out of your vacation. My family of four would have had a hard time sailing for 7 days in one of the other types of staterooms that aren’t suite level strictly because of the space.

Since we enjoy the use of a balcony, neither an interior stateroom nor an ocean view stateroom would have cut it for us. Additionally, we debated booking an oceanview balcony stateroom, but the larger living space and extra storage space with the junior suite really sold us.

If you’re considering booking a junior suite on a Royal Caribbean ship, I highly recommend watching the video tour above as it’s really informative, and it gives you an accurate feel for the room.

Overall, we really enjoyed our experience in our junior suite on the Oasis of the Seas. The priority embarkation, larger room, and extra storage space were all greatly appreciated perks. After visiting our family members’ Crown Loft Suite and seeing their level of service, I think we would try to at least book a Grand Suite on our next cruise.

pictures of cruise cabin with text overlay Junior Suite Royal Caribbean

The exclusive access to a suite lounge and the extra time in Coastal Kitchen are huge selling points. Additionally, the priority disembarkation at ports really saved our Sky Class family members lots of time and stress that us junior suite folks weren’t as able to avoid. Therefore, if you’re debating between a junior suite and a higher-level suite, we recommend upgrading to the Sky Class or Star Class suite IF your budget allows.

Not only do these rooms provide extra living space, but they also offer additional perks that we find to be super valuable! You can read more about the suite options available on Royal Caribbean in our post on Oasis of the Seas Suite Types! Have you sailed in a Royal Caribbean junior suite? Comment below to share your experience with us!

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  1. Hi Shari,
    I am staying in a junior suite during an upcoming cruise, and I had a question regarding how many times you can eat at the coastal kitchen for dinner. Can you eat at the coastal kitchen for dinner on multiple nights of the cruise or is it just a one-time only during the cruise?

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Junior suite guests can eat at Coastal Kitchen for dinner every night of the cruise if it’s available. You will want to book reservations early as a lot of the prime dining times filled up fast during our sailing. Have a great trip!

    1. Hi Cher,

      I’m not really sure about the official answer to this question, but I will explain our experience. During our cruise, Coastal Kitchen asked for our room number when we arrived for dinner. They would seat us based on the number of passengers listed in the room. They did not check names. For example, my sister had a junior suite and a non-suite room for this trip. Her junior suite had three passengers listed on it. When she arrived for dinner at Coastal Kitchen and gave her room number, they allowed three people to be seated. My sister’s name was technically listed on the non-suite room, but she was permitted to dine as one of the three listed on the junior suite. I hope that makes sense! If another reader has had a different experience, maybe they will comment as well. Hope you enjoy your trip!

    1. Hi Carolina,

      You are totally welcome! I was under the impression that all junior suite guests are able to use priority boarding but maybe it depends on the port. Maybe another reader will share their experience with this. Port of Miami definitely allows junior suite guests to take advantage of the priority line and waiting room before boarding with the other suite guests. Hope that helps! Enjoy your trip!

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