Visiting Rock City with Kids [Lookout Mountain]

Are you looking for reviews of Rock City Gardens in Lookout Mountain, Georgia?

Rock City is a super popular tourist attraction for families visiting the Chattanooga, TN area. 

Since it sits just 6 miles from downtown Chattanooga, Rock City is the perfect spot for those looking for fun activities to do with kids.

The article below features pictures of Rock City along with a full review of my family’s visit with a toddler.

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Where is Rock City Gardens? 

As mentioned above, Rock City is located just a short drive from Chattanooga, TN. For those familiar with the area, you know that Chattanooga sits REALLY close to the Georgia state line.

Therefore, it’s not completely surprising that Rock City Gardens is actually located in Lookout Mountain, Georgia.

See Rock City barn wagon on Lookout Mountain

Still, visitors to the city of Chattanooga can easily explore Rock City because of its short proximity to the downtown area.

If you have never visited Chattanooga (aka the Scenic City), you are missing out on a really beautiful and EASY getaway!

Families travel to the Chattanooga area year round to visit fun attractions like the:

The downtown Chattanooga area is full of amazing restaurants, kid-friendly attractions, and outdoor activities.

The nearby Lookout Mountain area offers additional experiences for those visiting Chattanooga. These picturesque attractions include Ruby Falls, the Incline Railway, AND the impressive Rock City Gardens.

Tickets for Rock City

If you are planning a trip to visit Rock City Gardens on Lookout Mountain, you are probably curious about the ticket prices.

You can often find special rates if you are traveling with a group of 15 or more. 

entrance to Rock City and ticket window

Before the pandemic, you could also save on your ticket prices by bundling tickets for Rock City, Ruby Falls, and the Incline Railway. At the time this article was written, this option was unavailable due to Covid-19.

So, what price will you pay if you aren’t traveling with a large group?

How much does Rock City cost?

Rock City has broken down the ticket prices based on the date and time you plan to visit.

For example, General Admission tickets on a typical visit to Rock City will cost you around $21.95 for an adult or $12.95 for a child (ages 3-12).

If you are visiting during an event like Shamrock City, Summer Music Weekends, Rocktoberfest or Enchanted Lights, you can expect to pay Premier Event Prices. These premier tickets start at $26.95 for an adult and $14.95 for a child.

Lookout Mountain view of 7 states

Those planning to tour Rock City during the peak season and holidays can plan to pay Premium Day Prices. These premium tickets will cost you around $24.95 (adult) and $13.95 (child).

If your trip is scheduled during the months of January and February, you can often luck out and find Value Prices. These tickets are some of the cheapest deals you can find for Rock City. They tend to run about $16.95 for adults and $8.95 for kids.

Things to Do in Rock City

While you are touring Rock City, make sure to take time to experience these fun activities:

Live Show

Depending on the date you visit Rock City, you may be able to attend a live show. On our most recent trip to Rock City Gardens, my family and I were able to watch the Rock City Raptors-Birds of Prey show.

Bald Eagle at Rock City Raptors show

It was AMAZING! I’m not really that interested in birds, but the husband and wife duo who ran the show are extremely knowledgeable. We found them to be just as captivating as the birds they introduced.

The presenters also walk up really close to each family, so you get a great view of each bird. My daughters LOVED this show!

Fairyland Caverns

Fairyland Caverns at Rock City is a kid favorite. You can wander through the caves to view scenes from popular fairy tales like Cinderella and Snow White.

Fairyland Caverns scene at Rock City

There’s also a large room with scenes from just about any nursery rhyme you can imagine. This is a really fun stop, especially for little kids who enjoy popular nursery rhyme characters.

View of 7 States

At the top of Lookout Mountain, Rock City offers stunning views of the lands below. You can even see seven separate states while standing at this high point.

Lovers Leap on Lookout Mountain to view 7 states

Cafe 7 is a restaurant located inside Rock City. You can dine outside and enjoy gorgeous views of the outlying land while you eat.

Swinging Rope Bridge

The swinging rope bridge is another popular attraction at Rock City. If you aren’t too afraid of heights, you can find some incredible views from the bridge.

Cafe 7 on Lookout Mountain

Rock City offers a second (less scary) bridge for those needing to cross as well. 

Rock Formations/Caves

You can spend loads of time just exploring the unique rock formations on the pathways. Visitors can see all sorts of natural art like rocks that look like mushrooms and much more!

red door on rock path at Rock City Gardens

The caves are also super cool with some offering really narrow passageways you can squeeze through.


You’ve undoubtedly seen pictures of the massive waterfall at Rock City Gardens. This waterfall is even more spectacular in person!

waterfall at Lookout Mountain

The pathway leading up to the waterfall provides lots of spots for picture taking too.

Places to Stay at Rock City

If you are planning to spend time at Rock City, you may be searching for places to stay nearby. These are some of the most popular options:


Racoon Mountain Caverns and Campground are located near Rock City and Chattanooga. If you are open to driving just a bit north of the city, Chester Frost Park is another kid-friendly option for campgrounds in the area. 


If you are wanting a rustic feel with more amenities, you can rent a cabin near Lookout Mountain. We like to use VRBO when renting vacation homes, and these are some of the cabins near Rock City with awesome reviews:

Rock City Cabin to rent on VRBO
Photo Courtesy of VRBO
find it here

Rock City VRBO Cabin with water slide and indoor pool
Photo Courtesy of VRBO
find it here
rental cabin near Rock City
find it here


Since you won’t really find many options for hotels on Lookout Mountain, you will probably want to choose one closer to the city of Chattanooga. Some of our favorite options are:

Bed and Breakfast

If you are set on staying as close to Rock City as possible, you may want to check out the options for a Bed and Breakfast. These are two highly reviewed options that are close by:

Final Review of Rock City Gardens

Rock City Gardens on Lookout Mountain is a beautiful spot to spend time while visiting the Chattanooga area on your Tennessee vacation.

I do want to make a note for those families visiting with babies and toddlers. Rock City is NOT a super stroller friendly location. You could possibly make it work, but you would need to skip several of the main walking paths and attractions.

We have always opted out of taking our stroller with us. Rock City is really shaded and tends to feel a lot cooler than the hot, humid Chattanooga temperatures. So, it’s not too bad of a walk even with a toddler in tow.

Rock City's Fudge Kitchen

Touring the rock formations, caves, and attractions normally takes us around an hour.

If you plan to catch the live show or enjoy lunch at Cafe 7, you will probably want to add on another 30 minutes for each.

As you exit Rock City Gardens, don’t forget to stop in the gift shop or fudge kitchen for souveniers!

What is your favorite thing to do on Lookout Mountain?

Comment below to share with us!

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