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Adult Pool at WaterColor Beach Club

Are you looking for photos and reviews of the WaterColor Beach Club on Scenic Highway 30A? This exclusive vacation destination is full of amazing activities and convenient amenities for guests to enjoy.

If you have never visited the community of WaterColor in the Florida panhandle, you’re truly missing out on a fabulous vacation. This quaint beach town sits right on the Gulf of Mexico and offers multiple restaurants, shops, and activities for visitors to enjoy.

Depending on where you choose to stay near WaterColor, you can receive wristbands to access the WaterColor Beach Club. This private club offers beach access, multiple pools, and several dining options for the whole family to enjoy.

In the post below, we will provide an honest review of the WaterColor Beach Club, which will include all the tips you need to know to make the most of your time here!

WaterColor Beach Club Pool Areas

As you enter the WaterColor Beach Club, you’ll be prompted to scan your wristband in order to gain access to this exclusive area. From there, you can pick up towels to use during your visit, so you don’t have to worry about packing any of your own.

You’ll then need to use the nearby elevator or walk up a flight of stairs to access the pool deck. Here, you’ll find a small shop with beach merchandise as well as several lounge areas and pools.

Adult Infinity Pool at WaterColor Beach Club
Adult Infinity Pool

The largest pool sits right in the center of all the action and near the cabanas. Just beyond this main pool, you’ll see an infinity pool that serves as the adults- only area. 

A third pool, which is a zero-entry pool, is located a bit further down and offers shallow waters and in-water seating. This is a great option for families traveling with younger kids.

Watercolor Beach Club zero-entry Pool
Zero-Entry Pool

Throughout the beach club, you’ll find lots of lounge seating, tables with chairs, and cabanas available to rent.

Cabana Rental

If you plan on spending a lot of time on the pool deck, you may want to consider booking a cabana rental for the day. You can do this right on the WaterColor website. The prices for the cabanas changes depending on the time of year you visit, but my family and I paid around $400 for a cabana.

swimming pool with lounge chairs and cabanas
Main Pool with Cabanas (left side of the photo)

Each cabana includes seating for six guests, towels, and a TV. You’ll also have an assigned cabana attendant to take food and drink orders throughout the day.

The cabanas provide a great spot to relax in the shade, especially when you don’t want to search for lounge chairs for several people. Additionally, the cabana attendants offer an added convenience of not having to go to the bar to order food and drinks.

WaterColor Beach Access

Guests can easily access the beach from the pool deck. You’ll just need to scan your wristbands again before entering the boardwalk that takes you down to the sand.

If you plan to take your own chairs and umbrella down to the beach, you must set them up behind the WaterColor chairs. You are also permitted to set up your gear on the public beach, which sits right beside the WaterColor beach setups.

line of blue beach setups on coast
WaterColor Beach Access

If you plan to reserve a WaterColor Beach Club chair rental, you’ll want to do so well in advance of your visit. The beach setups sell out fast, especially those in the West Section, which is closest to the boardwalk.

You can often find setups available in the Middle Section even if the West Section is sold out. If both areas are sold out for your travel dates, we suggest checking the beach setups website daily for openings.

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It also helps to check one day at a time rather than trying to book chairs for seven days in a row. The “Premium” setups typically cost more than the regular chairs since they are on the front row.

If the seat type or location isn’t available for the dates you want, you can always book whatever options are available. The beach setups have a great cancellation policy, allowing you to cancel 48 hours before your trip.

So, if one of the premium seats becomes available, you could always cancel and rebook if it’s within this cancellation window.

beach with people in water and blue umbrellas
Beach at WaterColor Beach Club

If you are not sure you want to pay the daily fee to rent chairs, the public beach is actually much less crowded than the WaterColor beach.

You would just need to carry down your own chairs, umbrellas, or tents, but you should have much more space to spread out at the public access beach. If you’re visiting WaterColor during the summer months or other peak times, their beach can get quite crowded.

blue beach chairs and umbrellas with hotel in background
WaterColor Beach Setups

They also place the chairs super close together, making it difficult to move around beach setups or to have space away from other families. You can see just how close the chairs are placed to each other in the photo above.

WaterColor Beach Club Restaurants

You’ll find several dining options available at the WaterColor Beach Club. 

WaterColor Grill

WaterColor Grill is the main restaurant and bar that you’ll find on the pool deck. This popular spot offers a lunch and dinner menu with various items like salads, bowls, seafood, sandwiches, burgers, etc.

WaterColor Grill bar area
WaterColor Grill Outdoor Bar

It has started opening to the public beginning at 5:00 each day; however, we never had a problem finding a table. This WaterColor Beach Club Grill is a great spot to eat as it offers gorgeous views of the gulf and live music on select evenings. Since it sits right next to the main outdoor pool, it’s also a convenient spot to grab food while the kids swim.

Costa Chica

Costa Chica is another dining option at WaterColor Beach Club. It serves as a rooftop lounge that overlooks the pool deck. It has a large selection of drink options as well as a small Mexican inspired menu.

Beach Cow

Beach Cow is located on the lower pool level near the zero-entry pool. It features a window to order kid-friendly items like burgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken nuggets, etc. It also serves milkshakes, including spiked shakes for adults.

Tiki Bar

Finally, guests will find a beachside tiki bar at the end of the boardwalk before entering the beach. Here, you can order to-go drinks and cocktails to enjoy while lounging in your chair on the sand.

Parking at WaterColor Beach Club

The WaterColor Community Association has very strict parking guidelines for guests. Visitors will need parking passes in order park in driveways or parking pads. Street parking is not permitted.

Watercolor FL trails
Pathways in WaterColor

The WaterColor Beach Club offers a parking garage, but it does fill up fast. If you are renting a beach house in the WaterColor area, we highly suggest walking to the Beach Club if that’s feasible for your family.

The community is absolutely beautiful and is full of biking trails and pathways that make it easy to get around the area without a vehicle. We strolled our little ones to the beach each day, and then stored the strollers in a designated area before heading down to the sand.

Final Review of the WaterColor Beach Club

Overall, the WaterColor Beach Club is one of my family’s favorite vacation destinations. The WaterColor town center and the easy access to the 30A area’s iconic sugar-white-sand beaches and clear ocean water make the beach one of the most beautiful we’ve seen. 

Plus, the convenience of the multiple dining options and swimming pools makes the WaterColor Beach Club a great spot for families.

Camp Watercolor Pool
Camp WaterColor Pool

Your wristbands will also give you access to the Camp WaterColor pool areas, which are located roughly a 20 minute walk (or short drive) away from the Beach Club. The pools here offer water slides, a lazy river, and The Canteen restaurant.

This is a great area to spend time with kids as well, but nothing beats the gorgeous views of the Emerald Coast from the WaterColor Beach Club! It’s really an amazing amenity for WaterColor Inn guests and for those with rentals in the WaterColor community. What is your favorite thing about the WaterColor Beach Club? Comment below to share with us!

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