Is Disney Cruise Concierge Worth It?

concierge sun deck on disney magic

If you’re dreaming of a luxurious vacation with Disney Cruise Line’s concierge service, you may be asking yourself if the high price is worth it.

My family and I sailed in this exclusive Concierge Level on the Disney Magic where we had an amazing time. The concierge benefits were so much fun to experience! However, during the trip, my husband and I had several conversations about whether or not the perks were worth the high price tag.

After all, the concierge prices often equal what you would pay for two separate cruises in a regular stateroom. Still, you can’t deny that the upgraded cabin accommodations, extra amenities, and special service you get with concierge status isn’t worth something.

In the post below, I will discuss the Disney cruise concierge perks that are included in your cruise fare. I’ll also provide my honest opinion on whether the concierge level is worth it and if our family would pay for this upgrade again.

How We Paid for Concierge Level

Disney Cruise Line offers a special, luxury level of service known as the concierge level. When you are booking your Disney cruise, you will see the staterooms and suites that are categorized as concierge. These rooms range from a Family Oceanview Stateroom with a Verandah to the Concierge Royal Suite, which has multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

Disney Magic Cruise Ship at Castaway Cay

On my family’s concierge cruise, we had originally booked a Deluxe Inside Stateroom. However, about a week before sailing, my husband and I decided that we would really like to have a room with a verandah.

I checked the DCL website and saw that it was going to cost roughly $1000 more to switch to a verandah room. We ultimately decided to just wait and inquire about upgrading our room at the port.

Disney Magic Stateroom Verandah with two blue chairs and a white table overlooking the ocean
Disney Magic Stateroom Verandah

For a full rundown of how this works, you can read all about our experience in this post – Disney Cruise Upgrade at the Port. Long story short, when we inquired about changing rooms on embarkation day, the cast member told us we could upgrade to a concierge stateroom for around $2000.

Since we had already paid roughly $4000 for our inside stateroom, we ended up paying $6000 total for a concierge cabin. This seemed like a great deal to us since the non-concierge rooms with a verandah that I had looked at before our trip were around $5000 total.

Disney Cruise Concierge Benefits

When we upgraded to the concierge level, we were not given a list of benefits that came with it. So, I am pulling this information on concierge amenities from our experience and my research. If you know of an additional perk offered in concierge that I missed, please comment below and let me know!

Early Access to Booking Activities

If you book a concierge stateroom rather than upgrade to one at the port, you can book activities in advance before they sell out. One of the most sought after amenities on a Disney cruise is a cabana on their private island, Castaway Cay. These typically sell out really quickly.

Concierge guests, who are paid in full, are able to book activities 130 days before sailing by calling the Shoreside Concierge Team or 123 days prior to sailing if booking online. This means your odds at getting a cabana or another popular activity increase significantly.

Since we upgraded to concierge at the port, we did not get to experience this benefit. Luckily, I was able to book all the port adventures and onboard activities we wanted during my online check in anyway. So, this wasn’t a huge deal for us.

Early Port Arrival Time

Concierge guests also receive the earliest port arrival times available on embarkation day. Once you arrive at the cruise terminal, you get to experience priority check in by entering a separate line that is set aside for concierge level guests. This means you get to bypass any long lines that have formed at the regular check in stations.

Priority Boarding

In addition, you will receive priority boarding so that you are one of the first guests allowed to board the ship. After we upgraded our room at the port, the supervisor updated our Key to the World Cards to reflect our new stateroom information. This supervisor also gave us a new boarding card with Group #1 listed on it.

Gold Concierge Level Key Card on Disney Cruise Line

It was around 11:45 at this time, and boarding had just started in the Miami terminal. My family and I were able to walk right over to the gangway and board the Disney Magic immediately after checking in.

Disney Cruise Line Boarding Card
Disney Cruise Line Boarding Card

We had originally been assigned to Boarding Group #2, so this wasn’t a huge difference for us. However, it was nice not having to kill time in the cruise terminal with our two little kids in tow!

Exclusive Concierge Embarkation Lunch

We usually like to eat near the pool deck on embarkation day because my kids are always eager to swim. However, while checking in at the port, we were given a letter with information about a special embarkation lunch for concierge guests. So, instead of eating our embarkation lunch at Cabanas or on the pool deck, we headed to Rapunzel’s Royal Table for the special concierge lunch.

Embarkation Day Welcome Letter for Disney Cruise Line Concierge Guests
Embarkation Day Welcome Letter for Concierge Guests

The host at the door checked our name off his list and showed us to a table. A server came by to hand out menus and to take our drink order. Alcoholic beverages were available for no additional charge.

Rapunzel’s Royal Table Dining Room on the Disney Magic
Rapunzel’s Royal Table

As we ate, one of the concierge hosts came over to introduce herself. She gave us a packet of information with an itinerary showing everything we had previously booked for the cruise. We didn’t have plans to book any extra items, but the concierge host let us know that we should contact her if we needed to change or add anything.

Room Benefits

One major concierge perk for us was that our stateroom was available immediately after boarding. Typically, the cruise cabins aren’t open until around 1:30, which is right in the middle of my toddler’s nap time. Since we were concierge guests, we were able to go straight to our room after lunch (around 12:30). This allowed me to put our one year old down for her nap at her regular time.

Disney Magic Concierge Stateroom
Concierge Stateroom on Disney Magic

In addition to gaining early access to your stateroom, the concierge rooms come with higher quality touches as well. Robes and slippers were available inside our stateroom closets. Also, our cabin refrigerator was stocked with bottled waters and canned drinks.

Disney Magic refrigerator in Concierge stateroom with bottled waters and canned soft drinks

We also had two TVs in our stateroom: one across from the bed and one across from the couch. I had read about a pillow menu where concierge guests are able to choose which type of pillows to have on their beds. I did not see this menu, and this amenity wasn’t important to us, so I didn’t ask. We all slept really well on the beds and pillows provided.

Free Alcohol

Readers often email me to ask if Disney Cruise Line concierge level includes alcohol. The short answer is that it does, but there are limitations. We were offered alcoholic beverages at our embarkation lunch as mentioned above. In addition, the concierge lounge provides a happy hour each evening with a bartender.

Concierge Lounge schedule for bar, food, and amenities

My husband and I would swing by the concierge lounge every evening before dinner to grab a glass of wine for each of us. We were able to take these with us to the dining room rather than ordering (and paying for) a glass of wine at dinner.

Additionally, the concierge bartender also served us drinks in the lounge before the nightly Broadway style shows. Since she knew that we were going to the theater, the bartender put our drinks in glasses that fit inside the cup holders of the theater seats.

Free Drinks and Food

In addition to getting adult beverages for the theater shows, we also used the lounge to grab snacks for the kids. Each evening, the concierge lounge provided popcorn, gummy bears, and drinks for our daughters to take to the show.

buffet style food in Concierge Lounge on Disney Magic Cruise Ship

The lounge had specified times for snacks and desserts each day too. (You can refer to the photo in the section above to see the schedule from our sailing.) Beside this buffet of offerings, the lounge has a huge refrigerated section full of bottled waters and soft drinks. Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate were also available at all times in the lounge.

Access to Concierge Lounge

As mentioned above, concierge guests receive access to the concierge lounge. This lounge is a huge perk in and of itself! Since this area is only for those cruising concierge, you must use your Key to the World Card to unlock the door to the lounge. Once inside, you will find tables and chairs for relaxing and enjoying the food and beverages available.

Concierge Sun Deck on Disney Magic
Concierge Sun Deck on Disney Magic

There is also a private sun deck that concierge guests can access via the concierge lounge. This sun deck holds additional seating, and it was always pretty empty and really quiet during our cruise. Plus, you’ll find hot tubs on these sun decks on some of the other Disney cruise ships (Fantasy, Dream, Wish).

towels and sunscreen on Concierge Lounge Deck on Disney Magic Cruise Ship

Sunscreen and pool towels are also available for guests on the sun deck.

Special Treats and Gifts

Concierge guests receive special gifts from the team throughout their stay. One of the first items we received was a fruit basket, which was waiting in our stateroom for us when we first arrived.

Concierge Fruit Basket In Stateroom

We also returned to our room one evening to find Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie Treats for our two kids. In addition, on the last evening of our cruise, the concierge team left a beautiful lithograph showing Disney characters as a departing gift.


Guests sailing in a regular concierge stateroom with Disney Cruise Line receive the basic WiFi for free for 24 hours. If you are sailing in a 1 or 2 bedroom Concierge Stateroom, you receive the basic internet package for your entire sailing. Guests in the Royal Suite receive the premium internet package for the duration of the cruise

In Room Dining

If you book one of the roomier Concierge Suites, your cabin includes a dining table. This allows you to order meals from the main dining room to enjoy in the comfort of your stateroom.

So, if you don’t want to go to dinner one night, you can have it delivered right to your stateroom. Again, this in room dining perk is only available in suites and NOT in the Concierge Family Oceanview Staterooms with Verandahs.

Concierge Team Services

One of the biggest perks to sailing concierge is that you have a concierge team who provides exceptional service. The concierge team on our cruise consisted of three main hosts who went above and beyond to make our vacation memorable. They seemed to immediately know all of our names, and they were always so friendly and eager to help.

At our embarkation lunch, the concierge team let me know that any requests I had should go through them. They even gave us a special number to dial on our phone if we needed anything at all. This meant that I never needed to stand in line at Guest Services on the ship.

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Disney Cruise Planner

I had planned on borrowing a stroller from Guest Services on embarkation day. When I mentioned this to the concierge host, she assured me that one would be brought to me. At the end of our cruise, I did not have to return the stroller to Guest Services. Instead, they asked that I just leave it in our stateroom.

In addition, I didn’t have to stand in line to book a placeholder at the future cruise desk. The concierge hosts took care of booking my future cruise right inside the Concierge Lounge. (Note that the Disney Cruise Navigator App is supposed to allow you to book this directly on the app now. For some reason this feature wasn’t working on my App, so the Concierge host took care of it.)

Private Dining Table

This was another perk that we really enjoyed! I always request a private table in the main dining rooms prior to our Disney cruises. However, I always stress that this request won’t be granted. When you are a concierge guest, you automatically get your own table at dinner.

Rapunzel and thug actors on stage at dinner show

Also, our table each night seemed to be in a priority location in the dining rooms. For example, our table in Rapunzel’s Royal Table was right in front of the stage. So, we had an excellent view of the entire dinner show!

Priority Tendering

This concierge perk came in really handy during our sailing because one of our ports of call was Grand Cayman. When visiting Grand Cayman, cruise ships stop just offshore, and guests ride to the island on tender boats.

Tender Boat at Grand Cayman
Tender Boat in Grand Cayman

You can see the tender boat in the bottom right of the photo. Disney Cruise Line has a whole process for moving passengers to the tender boats; however, we did not have to get tickets or wait in line for this. Instead, one of the concierge hosts walked us down to Deck 1 where we were able to bypass the line and board the tender.

Special Character Meet and Greet

Concierge guests are treated to a private reception with beverages and entertainment during one day of the cruise. A Disney character also makes an appearance at this reception. This means your family can take photos with a character without waiting in one of the ship’s typical character lines.

Singers at Disney Cruise Line Concierge Reception on Disney Magic

During the concierge reception, we were served mimosas and smoothies. Entertainment was also provided in the form of a pianist playing popular Disney tunes and carolers singing Christmas songs. (We were on a Merrytime themed cruise in December.) Pluto was our special character guest. He walked around the room and spent time with each family.

Priority Seating at Shows

If you are sailing in the concierge level on the Disney Wish, you can arrive at the Walt Disney Theater 45 minutes before the nightly show to choose your seats before other passengers arrive.

Priority Disembarkation

Much like priority embarkation, concierge guests are also able to disembark first. The morning of debarkation, we met the concierge team inside the lounge. One of the hosts escorted us all down to the gangway to disembark the ship.

In addition, the concierge team checked us in for our flights the day before we arrived back in Miami. Our printed boarding passes for our flights were waiting for us in our room the day before we were scheduled to leave.

Concierge Tipping

Gratuities are an additional cost during any Disney cruise. DCL automatically adds $14.50 per person per night to your account to cover tips for your servers and room host. It’s important to note that Disney Cruise Line updated their guidelines and now recommend concierge guests pay $15.50 per person per day in gratuities.

Concierge Tipping Letter with information on gratuities
Concierge Tipping Letter

In addition to paying $15.50 per person per day for your dining servers and stateroom hosts, Disney Cruise Line encourages concierge guests to pay $8.00 per person per day for the concierge lounge team.

You are welcome to tip your concierge team in addition to these recommended gratuities. We really enjoyed the concierge team, and they felt like good friends of ours by the end of our cruise. Plus, they were incredibly helpful and really made our family vacation run smoothly.

Is it worth it?

Now, the million dollar question….Is Disney Cruise Line’s concierge level worth it? Like the subject of tipping, this is completely subjective, but I will give you my family’s candid thoughts.

We LOVED the concierge team, and they made our trip run more smoothly because it was like having a personal assistant taking care of our errands for us. In addition, we really liked the lounge and the availability of adult beverages and snacks for the nightly shows. So, the service was exceptional!

Disney Magic Concierge Sun deck
Disney Magic Concierge Sun Deck

Our concierge level stateroom was not anything special, though. In fact, I prefer the regular staterooms on the Disney Fantasy, Disney Dream, and Disney Wish to our concierge stateroom on the Disney Magic. The couch, curtain, and carpeting all looked dated to me – clean, but dated.

So, don’t book a concierge family oceanview stateroom on the Disney Magic merely for upgraded finishes in the room because you may be disappointed. After deciding for myself whether or not concierge was worth it, I asked my husband what he thought.

Surprisingly he had the exact same answer that I had come up with. We both agreed that it probably wouldn’t have felt “worth it” to us if we had paid full price for it. However, we both felt that the price we paid to upgrade at the port was worth it!

How about you? Do you think the Disney cruise concierge perks are worth the price? Comment below and let me know!

Disney Cruise ship and plated food with text overlay Disney Concierge Level Perks
Disney Magic Cruise Ship and Stateroom with text overlay Disney Cruise Concierge Level

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  1. I was very blessed to not only sail on the Disney Wish in August (one of the first sailings) but also got a concierge spot–waited over a year on their waitlist. There were a few hiccups as we were not on the concierge level so there was a barrier getting to our room, less than stellar service at the Hyperspace Lounge, and no private firework area. But we were able to squeeze our youngest son into the It’s A Small World Nursery as much as we needed and they went out of their way to accommodate us at the live shows. They gave us booster seats for my kids so they were able to see as they were taller people blocking their view. The staff were AMAZING with making sure my kiddos have chocolate muffins each morning whether we got room service, stopped by the lounge, and even had them waiting for us in the room. They were also genuine and treated us like family. It was worth every penny, especially for embarkation and debarkation days. I wished that I got a placeholder as I am going on the Dream in concierge for the Merrytime Cruise.

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Thank you so much for sharing your recent experience on the Disney Wish. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip once you were all settled. I hope you have an amazing time on the Dream! Thanks again for taking the time to provide a review for other readers!

  2. Hi, Shari! Great article, thanks for the info. Have a question about the dining staff when sailing concierge: is there a separate concierge wait staff? We sailed the Wish twice in Feb (both 4-night cruises) with the first non-concierge and the second was concierge. Since we fell in love with our wait staff and family was joining us the next week, we requested a table with them for the second (concierge level) cruise.

    1. Hi Sherry,

      It sounds like you had a great time on the Disney Wish! I’m not positive that concierge guests have a separate wait staff, but I *think* they do. When my family and I sailed concierge, our wait staff only served other families in concierge. I’m not sure if that’s always the case though. That being said, we have always loved our Disney Cruise Line servers whether we were in concierge or a regular room! Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks for the article! We’ll be concierge on the Wish in May (woo hoo!). Was that a typo of $20 per day for the bartender? I’m curious why he/she/they gets so much more than everyone else. The whole lounge team would get $32 for a 4 night cruise but that bartender gets $80? That just seems off to me.

    1. Hey Leslie,

      Tipping is such a hard topic, but I’ll try to answer your questions as best I can. So, Disney Cruise Line officially “recommends” that you tip the Concierge team $8 per day/per guest in your stateroom. Following these recent tipping recommendations, Disney Cruise Line is suggesting that my family of four would tip the Concierge team $32 per day, which would total $128 on a 4-night cruise.

      Since those guidelines weren’t around when my family and I sailed Concierge, we had no idea what to tip. So, we chose to tip the Concierge team $100 per day for 5 days, which totaled $500. In addition to that, we tipped the bartender $20 per day, which totaled $100.

      My brother-in-law recently sailed Concierge and basically doubled what we had tipped. H! So, each family kind of does their own thing. Personally, I would at least follow the $8 per person per night guidelines. If you feel that the Concierge team and/or bartender deserve more than that, you can add an additional amount.

      Sailing concierge on the Disney Wish sounds like a dream come true! I hope you have an amazing vacation! 🙂

  4. Hi Sheri!

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful in-depth review. We’ve booked a Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah on the Disney Magic next March and are wondering if we should opt in for the early or late dining as concierge guests. Did you prefer the early dining experience?

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      You’re going to have the best time on the Disney Magic! I think the best dining time really depends on who you are cruising with. I have little kids who are used to eating early, so the 5:30-5:45 time works best for us. If your kids are older or if you are traveling from a different time zone, the later time may not seem as late to you. Hope that helps and have a great trip!

  5. Thanks for the review! Were you able to go to the shows early for best seating?
    This will be our first cruise! Any food on the dream that is a must-get or skip?!?

    1. Hi Danielle,

      I’m so glad you liked the review! To answer your question, we were not able to go to the shows early as this was not an included perk when we sailed in the concierge level. I believe Disney Cruise Line now allows concierge guests to arrive at the shows 30 minutes early to choose seats. In regard to the food, my family and I love all the dining options onboard the ships! We recently sailed with Royal Caribbean and really missed the dining rooms and food from Disney Cruise Line. Hope that helps! You’re going to LOVE your first cruise!

  6. Hi Sherri! We are going on the magic this December and wondered if meet & greets are back? We had heard with covid they had to be socially distanced. Loved this write up!

    1. Hey Jessica,

      You are going to LOVE the Disney Magic at Christmas time! I believe the meet and greets are back, and I’ve even seen recent photos of families posing with Santa! Hope you have the BEST time on your vacation!

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