Is Undercover Tourist legit? – Finding Reliable Ticket Deals

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Are you looking for Undercover Tourist reviews for your next family trip? Maybe you’re considering purchasing theme park tickets or a hotel stay through Undercover Tourist, but you’re wondering if the prices are too good to be true. Rest assured that Undercover Tourist is a trusted company used by tons of families each year, including my own family.

They offer amazing customer service and great deals on everything you need for your next vacation. So, if you are searching for a way to save money on theme park tickets, then Undercover Tourist is the place to go! My family and I have used this reputable company on multiple Disney trips as they offer deep discounts on tickets to theme parks in both California and Florida.

You can use Undercover Tourist to purchase tickets for parks like Disney World, Universal, Disneyland, Sea World, and Lego Land. They also offer great deals on hotel room prices (including Walt Disney World resort hotels) and on rental cars. To make planning your family vacation easier, Undercover Tourist even provides special features like Disney World crowd calendars along with other helpful online tools.

So, if you’re considering using this super helpful website for your next trip, continue reading our full Undercover Tourist review below. We will discuss just how easy it is to use Undercover Tourist to help plan your next theme park vacation AND get a great deal on tickets!

How It Works

Before planning a family vacation to Walt Disney World (or other theme parks), you may be wondering if you can get a discount on the official (aka pricey) ticket prices. Over the years, I have found the Undercover Tourist website to be the easiest way to score the best deals on park tickets. It’s my family’s go-to website for planning any Disney World vacation because it helps make trip planning a breeze.

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No matter what you’re needing for your trip, Undercover Tourist will have a great deal to help make your trip a little more budget friendly. They offer the best deals on tickets to SeaWorld Orlando, Universal Studios, and other theme parks and attractions. You can even score big ticket discounts on Walt Disney World park tickets, including park hopper tickets, sports tickets, and water park ticket options.

As you shop on the official Undercover Tourist website, you will notice that these discounts get bigger and bigger with the number of days you add on to your ticket package. In other words, you won’t see a huge price difference in Disney tickets if you are just purchasing one day passes. However, you will find deep discounts the more days you add on to your package. All in all, you can save over $80 per ticket at Walt Disney World, which really adds up if you are traveling with multiple family members!

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Just use the ticket calendar to determine if the Disney park passes are available. If your desired dates and parks are available, follow the prompts to choose the ticket options you want. After purchasing your Disney park passes, you can easily link them in your My Disney Experience account. Once you link your discounted tickets, they’ll show up in your account just as if you had bought them from Disney’s official site. It’s that easy!

Why We Use Undercover Tourist

In addition to the incredible savings that Undercover Tourist provides, my family and I also use them for their customer service. Not only is Undercover Tourist a legit website, but they are also a trusted name in the theme park industry. Did you know that the Undercover Tourist brand is officially an authorized Walt Disney World ticket seller?

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This means they are recognized for their honest dependability. When going through wholesale ticket providers for the first time, it can sometimes feel intimidating. But, Undercover Tourist is a discount ticket seller that provides real tickets with no hidden fees. Plus, shipping and tax are included in the price you pay.

At the time of this post, Undercover Tourist is even offering a full refund policy for Disney World tickets! Since I personally do not have experience requesting a refund on tickets from Undercover Tourist, I cannot speak about this process. However, my family and I did have to cancel hotel reservations with Undercover Tourist a few trips ago.

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The process of requesting a refund was so easy, and they provided great customer service. I just called the Undercover Tourist contact number and immediately spoke with a customer service agent who handled my cancellation. During the phone call, I spoke with a super friendly and knowledgeable representative without having to wait through the automated calling you so often have to sit through when contacting companies.

Booking Hotels through Undercover Tourist

Undercover Tourist has many different tools and features that make it easy to plan your next Disney trip. This website can be very helpful when trying to save money on tickets, car rentals, and hotel rooms. If you are planning a hotel stay at Disney, we recommend comparing the prices on the official WDW website with those on the Undercover Tourist site.

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Although Undercover Tourist does not always have the cheaper rate, they often do! Plus, you can sometimes find availability for rooms you want that are sold out on the official Disney website. We always make sure to price out the rooms on both websites before booking since you can often save money going through Undercover Tourist.

On a side note, if you’re looking to stay at a deluxe hotel, we recommend looking into renting DVC points first. This is often the way to save the most money on a hotel room at Disney. However, if you aren’t able to secure a DVC room OR if you’re looking for a value/moderate resort, Undercover Tourist is often the way to go!

Final Review of Undercover Tourist

Planning a Walt Disney World vacation can often feel daunting and expensive. But, with all of the amazing resources and discounts available through Undercover Tourist, there is no need to worry. You can snag some awesome deals on WDW tickets, hotels, AND car rentals all while keeping peace of mind in knowing that you are using a legitimate authorized Disney ticket seller.

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We highly recommend giving Undercover Tourist a try before your next family vacation! You can find deep discounts on a hotel stay and theme park tickets for the whole family. Also, if you are looking for tips on choosing the right Disney World hotel, join our Facebook group- Mom’s Guide to Disney Resorts – for personalized help on finding the best resort for your family! Do you have a review of Undercover Tourist? Comment below to share your experience!

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  1. Hi Shari! I am thinking of using Undercover Tourist for our next Disney vacation. Do they mail you a physical ticket? If the ticket is emailed, how do you use it to enter the parks? Do you have to print it out or do you go somewhere at Disney to convert the printed page to an actual ticket? Just wondering about the logistics now that you need a reservation for the parks…Thanks for the help!

    1. Hi Teresa,

      Thanks so much for reaching out. I believe that Undercover Tourist will mail you physical tickets if you want them, but I usually choose the email option. Either way, your physical or digital tickets will have a code on them. You just log into your WDW account and link the Undercover Tourist tickets using the code. This is a similar process to reserving a Disney hotel through Undercover Tourist. They will give you a confirmation number/code that you type into your Disney account, and it links your reservation.

      Once you are at Disney, your linked tickets and reservations are connected to your Magic Bands and the My Disney Experience App. So, to enter a theme park, you will swipe your Magic Band or the Disney App to get in.

      Just make sure that you make your park reservation after you link your Undercover Tourist tickets into your Disney account. I hope I explained that okay. It’s actually REALLY easy to do. When you log into your Disney account, it basically prompts you each step of the way. Hope you have a great time at Disney!!

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