32 Restaurants in Chattanooga You’ll Love (Local’s Guide)

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If you’re planning to visit the Scenic City, you are probably interested in trying out the best restaurants near Chattanooga. The city of Chattanooga is a foodie’s paradise as it’s full of delicious places to eat no matter what type of food you’re craving. Whether you’re looking for Italian cuisine, Mexican food, or the best burgers in town, Chattanooga offers the perfect restaurant for you to enjoy.

My family and I have lived in this beautiful city for almost a decade and are always so excited to show off the newest, trendiest spots when friends come into town. The most difficult part of deciding where to eat in Chattanooga is narrowing your options down because there are just so many great places to choose!

In the post below, we will provide an extensive list of the best places to eat in Chattanooga. We’ll include popular spots in the NorthShore neighborhood, downtown Chattanooga, and the surrounding districts. We will also make note of the top spots to eat that offer views of the water, bridges, and other scenery. So, continue reading below to find the dining venues that make our list for the best restaurants in Chattanooga, TN!

Public House 

Public House is a downtown Chattanooga restaurant that sits in a great location on Market Street. With a wraparound patio plus indoor dining, Public House features plenty of room for couples, families, or private events. This popular dining spot offers farm to table Southern food, including our family’s favorites: the pimento cheese appetizer and red wine braised pot roast entree. You have to try them both!

dining venues with text 31 Best Chattanooga Restaurans

Public House also features a kid’s menu that includes a starter, entree, side, and dessert, which amounts to a ton of food. Additionally, those with certain food sensitivities will appreciate the gluten free menu available for diners at Public House. 

Since Public House is located in the trendy Warehouse Row, visitors have easy access to a nearby parking garage along with several clothing shops and furniture/home stores. If you’re visiting the Chattanooga area with little ones, it’s important to note that Public House also makes our list for the Kid Friendly Places to Eat in Chattanooga.

Taco Mamacita

Taco Mamacita is located in the North Shore neighborhood of Chattanooga. This popular restaurant serves super unique tacos, enchiladas, and more for lunch and dinner. Taco Mamacita offers both indoor and outdoor seating, but you’ll want to arrive early as it’s often quite busy. After enjoying a meal at Taco Mamacita, we recommend walking a few doors down to Milk and Honey for some delicious gelato and other sweet treats.

Main Street Meats

Main Street Meats sits in the trendy Southside neighborhood of Chattanooga near the famous Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel. This local butcher shop and restaurant features a small outdoor patio along with indoor seating. This Southside area of town is home to a ton of amazing restaurants that you’ll notice on our list.

Chattanooga Choo Choo

Although the Main Street Meats menu changes throughout the year, this is a good place to enjoy a perfectly cooked steak and popular southern sides. For an appetizer, we recommend trying some of the various meat and cheese selections. They are divine!

Easy Bistro and Bar

If you’re looking for a great seafood restaurant in Chattanooga, you should definitely check out Easy Bistro. Located in the West Village neighborhood of downtown Chattanooga, Easy Bistro offers oysters, caviar, and a raw bar. If seafood isn’t your thing, Easy Bistro also serves popular meat entrees and pasta dishes. Not only does Easy Bistro sit in a prime location, but it also offers a small outdoor patio along with indoor seating options. Plus, the West Village often hosts special events with live entertainment that you’ll definitely want to check out!

Bluegrass Grill

Bluegrass Grill, which sits at the top of our list of best breakfast spots in Chattanooga, also offers a lunch menu. With a selection of soups, salads, and sandwiches, Bluegrass Grill is a great casual dining restaurant in Chattanooga. 

street view of a brick building and name Bluegrass Grill

Since it’s located in the Southside neighborhood, visitors staying at the Chattanooga Choo Choo can enjoy an easy stroll to this popular dining spot. Note that we also feature Bluegrass Grill on our list of best coffee in Chattanooga. This local spot is my husband’s absolute favorite!

Community Pie

If you’re searching for the best pizza in Chattanooga, you’ll want to check out Community Pie. Sitting in downtown Chattanooga, Community Pie features a menu full of pasta dishes, sandwiches, and of course pizza. Whether you’re looking for New York style pizza or Detroit style pies, you’re sure to find a delicious combination available. Plus, their Neapolitan pizza is a must try!

Community Pie is located next to Miller Park Plaza, which hosts various events throughout the year, including the Nightfall Concert Series every Friday night beginning Memorial Day weekend.

Rembrandt’s Coffee House

Rembrandt’s is a quaint little coffee shop located in the Bluff Arts District in downtown Chattanooga. In addition to specialty coffees and beverages, visitors can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner items that include pastries, sandwiches, salads, and more.

Rembrandt’s Patio

Rembrandt’s is also the perfect place to visit after a meal as they offer lots of delicious desserts. This Chattanooga restaurant offers a small dining area inside as well as a super cute outdoor patio.

Urban Stack

Visitors looking for the best burgers in Chattanooga will definitely want to spend time at Urban Stack. This was the very first restaurant I ever tried in Chattanooga, and it’s still one of my favorites! Located in downtown Chattanooga near the Choo Choo, Urban Stack offers unique burgers that you can enjoy indoors or outside on their patio. After enjoying a meal at this popular spot, take a short stroll down the street to Clumpies Ice Cream Shop for their famous sweet treats.


Whitebird is located inside the The Edwin Hotel in downtown Chattanooga. With an indoor dining room and an outdoor patio that overlooks the Walnut Street Bridge, Whitebird may offer the best dining location in Chattanooga.

brick building with bridge in background

This modern restaurant serves breakfast, brunch, and dinner and features incredible service. It’s also a great spot to celebrate special occasions. Since this Chattanooga restaurant is located so close to the walking bridge, we highly recommend taking a stroll over the water to visit Coolidge Park after dining here.

Feed Table and Tavern

Feed Table and Tavern is a great spot to dine in Chattanooga even if you have a large party. Feed offers lots of space both inside and outside on their patio. Additionally, the menu at Feed offers something for everyone, including salads, steaks, seafood, sandwiches, and more. For appetizers, we highly recommend trying the Smoked Wings and Fried Green Tomatoes. You won’t be disappointed!


If you’re looking for restaurants in Chattanooga with a view, Brewhaus is another great option. Guests can dine indoors or outside on the deck that overlooks Coolidge Park and the downtown bridges.

park with bridge above
Coolidge Park

Brewhaus specializes in German food and offers a great selection of beverages. It’s a super casual spot in a great location in Chattanooga’s NorthShore neighborhood.

Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen and Bar

Tupelo Honey is located in downtown Chattanooga in the popular Warehouse Row. Serving delicious southern style food for brunch, lunch, and dinner, Tupelo Honey is a great spot to enjoy a meal any time of day. After dining, we recommend spending some time browsing through the shops in Warehouse Row. You’ll find popular spots like J. Crew, Anthropologie, and Lululemon among others.

Niedlov’s Bakery and Cafe

brick building with painted signs that say Niedlov's and Main Street Meats

Niedlov’s Cafe is located in the trendy Southside neighborhood near downtown Chattanooga. Guests at Niedlov’s will find delicious breakfast and lunch offerings. In fact, this is one of our top picks for best breakfast spots in Chattanooga. You’ll also notice that many of the Chattanooga area restaurants feature Niedlov’s very own bread on their menus.

St. John’s Restaurant

If you’re looking for a fine dining experience in Chattanooga, we recommend checking out St. John’s Restaurant. This upscale restaurant features unique dishes and a menu that changes throughout the year. St. John’s Restaurant is a great spot to visit to celebrate an anniversary or birthday. My husband and I also enjoy dining here on a rare date night.


Puckett’s Restaurant sits in a prime spot in the heart of downtown Chattanooga right next to the Tennessee Aquarium. With a large indoor dining area and a small patio for outdoor seating, Puckett’s offers plenty of space for the family.

Tennessee Aquarium in chattanooga
Tennessee Aquarium

Puckett’s serves southern style dishes during breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours. You can also often listen to live music on the stage while dining at Puckett’s.

The Bitter Alibi

The Bitter Alibi is located in downtown Chattanooga, just down the street from Miller Park. This popular spot features a dinner menu, and it serves brunch on the weekend. With several vegan menu options, Bitter Alibi also does a great job of catering to guests with dietary restrictions. This spot is a favorite for many Chattanooga locals!

Milk and Honey

While not a new restaurant in Chattanooga, Milk and Honey recently underwent a large expansion. This Northshore area restaurant features a large dining room with a separate counter for ordering their famous gelato.

Milk and Honey Coffee Shop in Chattanooga

Milk and Honey is open for breakfast and lunch, and it’s one of our top picks for best breakfast in Chattanooga! They also do a great job of accommodating dietary restrictions by offering gluten free options. Additionally, I wanted to note that this popular spot can get busy and parking is limited.

Taqueria Jalisco Ania

Taqueria Jalisco Ania is located in the Southside neighborhood near downtown Chattanooga. This modern restaurant features delicious Mexican dishes that the whole family will enjoy. Taqueria Jalisco sits just around the corner from the Choo Choo in a super trendy area of town that you’ll definitely want to check out. My family and I absolutely love the food and atmosphere at this restaurant. However, I want to recommend eating inside as the outdoor patio gets whiffs of the nearby chicken factory at times. If you’re a Chattanooga local, you’ll know exactly what I mean!


Oddstory Brewing Company sits in the Southside neighborhood of Chattanooga. This popular place to eat offers indoor dining and a massive outdoor eating area. With lawn games, porch swings, and more, Oddstory is a great spot to enjoy with kids and with dogs.

grass with chairs and dining tables; condos in background
Oddstory in Chattanooga

The food and craft beer options at Oddstory make this one of our favorite places to eat in the city. Just note that the parking lot at Oddstory is pretty small, so it can be difficult finding a spot. This is especially true during peak hours.

Boathouse Rotisserie and Raw Bar

If you’re looking for a Chattanooga restaurant with water views, you’ll want to plan a stop at the Boathouse Rotisserie and Raw Bar. With indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the Tennessee River, the Boathouse has a view that can’t be beat. The Boathouse is a classic Chattanooga restaurant, and it’s also a great spot for visitors looking for great seafood restaurants in Chattanooga.

Totto Sushi and Grill

Totto is located in the North Shore overlooking the popular Coolidge Park. With a small outdoor patio and large indoor dining area, Totto offers lots of seating options for the whole family.

park with child on bike and bridge in background
Coolidge Park

This is our go-to spot for sushi in Chattanooga. Plus, Totto is conveniently located just a short walk away from Clumpies Ice Cream, which offers a great after dinner treat.

The Camp House

The Camp House sits in downtown Chattanooga on 12th Street. While it’s open for lunch (and sometimes dinner), The Camp House is an especially great spot to visit for breakfast. We highly recommend checking it out on your visit to Chattanooga. They have a great menu and excellent coffee.

Il Primo

If you’re looking for some delicious Italian food in Chattanooga, Il Primo is a spot you’ll want to try. Located near the Northshore neighborhood, Il Primo offers indoor seating and outdoor dining on a small patio.

restaurants with text 31 Best Places to Eat Chattanooga

Il Primo features a great selection of pasta dishes and entrees. If you’re visiting the area with kids, we recommend checking out Riverview Park before or after your meal.

Tremont Tavern

If you’re looking for the best burger in Chattanooga, you need to put the local favorite, Tremont Tavern, at the top of your restaurant list. This pub features a selection of unique burgers that will have your mouth watering. Tremont Tavern is located near the Northshore neighborhood and is often busy, so you will want to arrive early to grab a table.

The Daily Ration

The Daily Ration is one of our go-to spots for brunch in Chattanooga. Sitting in the Northshore area of town, the Daily Ration offers both indoor seating and a large outdoor patio. With delicious breakfast options, including vegan and gluten free availability, The Daily Ration features fresh ingredients and is a great spot to dine with the whole family.


If you’re looking for a less casual eatery in Chattanooga, Stir is a great place to dine. Sitting right next door to the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel, Stir features indoor and outdoor seating options. 

brick restaurant with outdoor patio
The side patio at stir has windows that open up to the indoor bar.

This Chattanooga area restaurant features both delicious food and great atmosphere. Stir is known for serving one of the best brunches in Chattanooga, but it’s also a must-visit place to try for dinner or drinks. If you’re visiting at brunch, we highly recommend the Baja Omelette!

Edley’s Bar-B-Que

Edley’s sits in the North Shore neighborhood near Whole Foods. This casual restaurant features southern style food with both indoor and outdoor seating. Edley’s is conveniently located just a short walk away Renaissance Park in Chattanooga.

State of Confusion

If you’re looking for another casual restaurant in Chattanooga, we highly recommend checking out State of Confusion. Sitting in the Southside neighborhood, State of Confusion offers indoor seating along with an expansive outdoor dining area. State of Confusion features unique menu options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It also offers a laid-back, dog friendly atmosphere.

Tony’s Pasta Shop and Trattoria

If you’re looking for the best Italian restaurant in Chattanooga, you’ll want to add Tony’s to your list. Located in the Bluff View Art District near the Hunter Museum of American Art, Tony’s offers a quaint atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating options.

small outdoor patio with tables and chairs
Tony’s Restaurant

We recommend trying the Baked Pesto Chicken Ravioli. (It’s also important to note that Tony’s offers gluten free bread and entrees for diners with food sensitivities.)


If you’re looking for the best vegan restaurant in Chattanooga, we highly recommend checking out Cashew. My family and I eat here at least once a week because it’s so good. Sitting in the NorthShore neighborhood of town near Coolidge Park, Cashew offers delicious entrees, sides, and desserts. We recommend trying the Jackfruit Nachos as an appetizer. 


Like many of our other options, Alleia sits in the Southside Historic District. This super cute, trendy restaurant has an upscale vibe, but you can dress casually. Alleia features a really great food and cocktail menu. It also offers beautifully designed space for large parties and celebrations.

Hello Monty

My husband and I were so excited to try out Hello Monty with some friends who came in town. This Southside restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating as well as an eclectic menu. Their service and food are great, and you’ll love the cocktails on tap!

Final Thoughts on the Best Chattanooga Restaurants

As you can see, Chattanooga is full of amazing places to eat in and around the downtown area. Whether you’re looking for restaurants with a view or the coolest restaurants in trendy spots, the dining venues on our list have you covered.

The Scenic City features all sorts of great spots for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. We will continue to update our list of the best places to eat in Chattanooga as new restaurants are constantly opening throughout the city. So, what do you think? What’s the best restaurant near Chattanooga? Comment below to share!

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