Review of Time4Learning for Homeschool Families

When I first decided to homeschool my young daughter, I searched and searched for educational programs that we could both enjoy. As a homeschooling parent and an elementary teacher, I was really particular about finding a curriculum that met the state standards and provided thorough lessons.

Once I started exploring the Time4Learning website, I felt so excited to get started because I knew my daughter was going to LOVE the material as much as I did! Time4Learning offers an online curriculum that allows students to move at their own pace. It also makes homeschooling so EASY! 

You can use it for younger kids through high school students, and it offers a complete curriculum with engaging lessons. Additionally, Time4Learning offers an amazing support team with great customer service for those times you need additional help.

So, if you’re curious about whether you’ll need to supplement with additional materials or you’re wondering how long the lessons take, check out our full review below. This article will provide the answers you need by explaining how Time4Learning works so that you can decide if it’s right for YOUR family.

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Homeschooling Curriculum

Before we get started, it’s important to note that Time4Learning provides lessons that are primarily online. So, you will need an internet connection. Also, this online program may not be for you if you are looking for a textbook curriculum. However, if you are interested in an online education program with instructional videos that are sometimes disguised as fun, educational games, you will want to continue reading below!

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Since I have an elementary aged child, this review of Time4Learning will mostly reflect the program’s features for younger students. Although, Time4Learning does offer courses all the way up through grade 12, so high schoolers can utilize the program too. When you enroll your child at Time4Learning, you typically get access to four main core subjects:

  • language arts (plus spelling)
  • math (plus math facts)
  • science
  • social studies

Before you purchase a subscription, you can explore the Time4Learning website to see just how thorough the educational material is for your child. You can even sign up for their special offer of a 14-day money-back guarantee. The teacher in me LOVED that Time4Learning’s website is so organized.

You can easily choose a grade level and subject area to find resources like a scope and sequence, lesson planners, worksheets, lesson demos, and so much more! Before subscribing to the program, I spent a lot of time navigating through the website to see what it offered.

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Again, Time4Learning does a great job of showing you exactly what you’re getting ahead of time. Once I determined that Time4Learning would be a good fit for me as a homeschooling parent, I signed up for the risk free membership. Time4Learning is so confident in their program that they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

So, you can essentially test out the material before you commit to subscribing. During the 14-day period, I watched several of the student lessons for multiple subject areas, and I was immediately hooked. I thought my daughter was going to love these online lessons, games, and activities, and I was right! We have been using Time4Learning for multiple school years now.

Is the Time4Learning curriculum enough?

Many homeschooling families want to know if the curriculum on Time4Learning is enough for their children to receive a well rounded education. The lessons and activities provided for language arts, math, science, and social studies are enough to gain a full grade level of knowledge for each subject area.

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You would not need to supplement with other materials for ANY of the four major core curriculum areas listed above. After using other online homeschooling programs in the past, I was amazed that Time4Learning includes all four major subject areas in their monthly subscription. Not only do you save a bunch of money by paying one price for these subjects; but, you also gain the ease of having them all organized in one spot.

How It Works

Time4Learning offers a really convenient 14 day trial if you want to test out the program for yourself. I will also try to walk you through the process of how it all works. Since Time4Learning is a website and not an app, you will find that it works better on a laptop or desktop computer. You CAN use a tablet, but it caused some glitches for us. Once you set up your account with Time4Learning, you will create a parent login and a student login.

Parent Login

When you are first getting started with Time4Learning, you begin by managing your child’s classes. You will choose which subjects to add to his/her course schedule. You can also pick a grade level for EACH subject. This flexibility in grade levels allows your child to work through the courses in their own unique way.

So, if your student is gifted in math, she can work ahead up to three grade levels. If she is struggling in social studies, you can back up and work on the previous grade level’s assignments. Once you log in as a parent and set up your student’s classes and grade levels, you can generate an activity plan for the school year. To do this, you specify the dates of your homeschool calendar.

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Time4Learning will then disperse the lessons for each subject over the course of your dates. This way you know exactly how many lessons your child should complete each day in order to finish by the end of the school year.

As a parent, you can also view the lessons so that you know what your student is working on each day. I find this super helpful when planning because I can easily determine which lessons my daughter can do independently and which ones she will need some guidance.

Once your child has completed some of the lessons, you can log in to the parent account to generate reports for your child’s progress. When choosing reports, you can specify a date range. This makes it super easy for homeschooling parents to turn in grades to the local school system each quarter. 

Student Login

When your student logs in, she will see the different subjects available on her account. Students access each course by clicking on the subject. They are then directed to the list of language arts lessons, math lessons, etc. associated with their account. Clicking on each subject will take your child to the lessons for that class.

My daughter was able to figure out how to move throughout the website within about a week. Each lesson typically has a video with online activities and quizzes. These are all REALLY well done, and I commend Time4Learning on creating such engaging lessons.

My seven-year-old LOVES to watch the online videos and play the “games” that go along with them. They are super entertaining while being educational at the same time! My now third grader has even asked to complete a lesson a second time because she enjoyed it so much!

How long does it take?

The hours your child spends on Time4Learning each day will depend on her daily schedule. If your student is completing all four subject areas (social studies, science, language arts, and math) each day, she will obviously spend a longer time on the website than another child only working on one or two subjects. When I planned out my daughter’s course schedule, I found that it worked best for us for her to complete 2-3 lessons per subject per day. You may be wondering:

How long are the lessons?

If you’re curious about the time frame for completing the lessons, it really varies. Some lessons include a number of activities for students to complete while others are much shorter. Since we have only gone as far as the fourth grade curriculum, I can’t speak on the higher grades. But, I would imagine that the high school courses take longer to complete than the lessons the young kids are assigned.

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It really depends on the lesson because some of them can be 2 minutes long while others can be 15 minutes long. Additionally, some of the lessons include resources like printable worksheets that students can complete in addition to the online lesson.

Usually, my daughter spends about 20-30 minutes on each subject per day depending on whether or not she masters the skill. Time4Learning is great in that it notifies students when they have a wrong answer on a quiz or a test. This way, you can easily go back and review the missed items.

Time4Learning Costs

The cost for Time4Learning is super reasonable for homeschooling families. If your child is in grades Kindergarten-8, the fee is just under $20 a month. If you have a high school student, you will pay $30 a month for Time4Learning. As mentioned above, Time4Learning offers a 14 day money back guarantee. (Affiliate Link) You will have to sign up and enter your payment information.

However, you can cancel within the 14 days and not be charged. This is a great option for those families wanting to make sure the curriculum is the right fit for them. If you choose to try out the free trial, I encourage you to explore the website as both a parent and as a student.

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You can create your course plan, view lesson plans for various grade levels, etc. Also let your student try out Time4Learning. My daughter really enjoyed it right away and she’s actually retaining the information learned too. Don’t forget to let me know what you think! If you stick with the program, you will notice that they often ask for homeschooling parents’ input in surveys to make the program even better for our kiddos!

Additional Courses

In addition to the main courses, Time4Learning offers addon subjects for an additional fee. Families can choose to purchase elective courses, a writing course, or a foreign language.

Final Review of Time4Learning 

When my husband and I decided to take the homeschooling route with my daughter, I felt so overwhelmed with the unknown. Time4Learning has made planning out our entire year of studies super easy! My daughter loves the curriculum because it’s interesting and FUN! Starting the school day off is no longer like pulling teeth. 

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The content of the lessons is excellent from a teacher’s standpoint as well! After taking the time to line up the Time4Learning lessons with my state’s standards, I found that their curriculum met the grade level standards successfully. I recommend trying out the 14-day money back guarantee to see if it’s right for you and your student. You won’t be disappointed!

The comprehensive curriculum provides an excellent education for students of almost every learning style. On a side note, if you are looking for a homeschooling option that allows you to CHOOSE your own curriculum like Time4Learning, you may like this post: Homelife Academy Umbrella School.

The umbrella (or cover) school listed above allows parents to choose ALL their own curriculum for their homeschooling students. What is YOUR review of Time4Learning as a homeschool curriculum? Comment below and let me know what you (or your student) think!

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