Free Printable June Calendar Template (2023)

If you’re looking for a free June calendar printable, you’re in the right place! The month of June is often full of all kinds of important events and time sensitive activities.

We created each free printable June calendar below to help you with time management during the summer month and to help you keep track of all the important dates you don’t want to forget. Each of the free printable calendars is available in PDF format and is easy to print on 8.5 X 11 size paper.

You’ll find PDF files that include a blank calendar for you to pencil in all of your important dates. We also offer a holiday calendar that features graphics for this first month of the summer. Additionally, if you’re looking for a more sophisticated printable calendar template, you’ll find a June floral calendar.

So, continue reading below to grab your own copy of a June calendar printable, which is the perfect tool to help satisfy your organizational need!

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​Major Holidays in June

The month of June features several important holidays that we have included on some of our free printables below. Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June and serves as a day dedicated to honoring father figures.

Juneteenth is another holiday that you’ll find listed on our free printable monthly calendars. This official federal holiday serves as a reminder of the important date that enslaved African Americans became emancipated in the United States.

Finally, another special day that takes place during the month of June is the summer solstice which marks the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. If you’re looking for additional holidays that take place during the entire month of June, you can find an extended list here.

Blank June Calendar Template

(Before we provide our blank calendar design, I want to make a note that the free calendar templates below are all intended for personal use. They are not to be printed or shared for commercial purposes. In other words, please do not download one of our creations and sell it as we own the rights to these digital copies.)

If you’re searching for blank June calendar templates, the simple design below is perfect for you! This blank calendar comes in landscape orientation and includes a Sunday start to the week. 

Blank calendar of the month of June

Blank June calendars serve as useful corporate calendars as they allow plenty of space to pencil in special events and appointments. As mentioned above, the calendars are available as digital files and print well on standard US letter size paper.

You can grab your copy of the blank June calendar template here or by clicking on the image above.

School Calendars

Our next calendar serves as a great school calendar. It provides the major holidays listed above as well as graphics that go along with the summer months. 

This calendar is available in landscape orientation and prints well on regular paper size. The fun school calendar can be used by teachers in the classroom who wish to print a copy for each student to keep in their folder.

printable June school calendar with summer graphics

This provides a great way to keep up with classroom behavior, notes to parents, or reading lists. Additionally, families can use the school calendars at home to help their kids stay organized even during the summer months.

You can grab your copy of the June school calendar here or by clicking on the image above.

Floral Calendars

Our June floral calendars come in two different versions. You can download the landscape orientation monthly calendar with floral design, or you can choose the portrait orientation weekly calendar design. You could even download both!

The floral calendars are great for use in the home office to keep track of important tasks. They also work well as a corporate calendar since they provide sophisticated designs.

floral June calendar printable

You can find the monthly June calendar in a floral design at this link or by clicking on the image above.

The weekly June calendar features even more space for you to write down your daily schedule and daily tasks. You can print multiple copies of this weekly template so that it lasts you throughout the whole month as well.

June weekly calendar template

You can find the weekly calendar template at this link or by clicking on the image above.

Final Thoughts on June Calendar Templates

Even though the month of June marks the beginning of summer, you won’t want to slack on your scheduling and organizing. If your family’s anything like mine, the month of June stays super busy even with the school year coming to an end.

In order to stay on top of all the important dates and events that occur during the month, we highly recommend downloading one of the June PDF files above. Keep your printed copy in a place with easy access, whether that’s at home or at work.

Then, add in all the important dates you want to remember so that you can enjoy a relaxing summer knowing you are planned and organized!

If you’re looking for additional yearly calendars, we have a whole set of of free printable calendar templates for each month of the year. We are also currently working on a free printable July calendar and will provide a link here once it’s complete.

Which June calendar printable is your favorite?

​Comment below to share with us!

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