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Once you have decided on a niche and purchased your domain, it’s time to officially set up your website. If your goal is to make money with your online side hustle, you will want to start a blog on WordPress. 

Remember that you need to start your blog on wordpress.ORG and NOT on wordpress.COM if your end goal is to make a passive income off of your website.

There are many ways to start a blog on WordPress, but I recommend signing up through your web host. This host will store all of your website data for you and will basically serve as your blog’s home. 

You will find that there are LOADS of different hosting companies, but I will give my specific recommendations in this post. 

So, if you are planning to start a blog with WordPress, continue reading below as I walk you through the process of getting setup with WordPress.ORG through a web host.

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Is blogging free?

In our article, Tips for Starting a Blog, we discussed that blogging can be free if you are only interested in writing posts as a hobby.

However, those who are interested in making an income through blogging will need to spend a bit of money up front.

If you have an endless amount of money to spend on your new blogging business venture, you may not be concerned with staying on a tight budget.

This is not the case for everyone, and it certainly wasn’t the case for me when I first started my blog.

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If you read through my previous posts on choosing a blog niche and purchasing a domain name, you know that our online business tips are geared to those who are trying to spend as little money as possible up front.

So far, you should have spent around $6-$10 for a domain name that you will renew annually.

There are very few additional costs left when starting your blog if you continue to follow each of my steps.

I mention all of this to say that signing up with a web host for your site is going to be an area where you will have to spend some money. But, depending on the hosting company you choose, you can totally fit the web host into your budget.

What do I need to start a blog with WordPress?

In order to start a blog on WordPress, you need to make sure you completed Step 1: How to Choose a Blog Niche AND Step 2: How to Create a Domain Name.

Once you have finished this groundwork, you can have your blog up and running in no time.

Your next step will include signing up with a web host. As mentioned above, a web host serves as your website’s home.

You may be tempted to sign up with the absolute cheapest web host you can find. That is completely understandable, but it’s important to recognize what you are getting into.

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Lyrical Host WordPress set up

Many times, the cheaper host options do not provide as much quality. By this, I mean that your website will perform REALLY slowly making it difficult to attract visitors to your website.

You also need to be aware that a lot of times the low monthly price you see is actually an introductory price.

After you complete your first year with the cheaper host, they raise your price SIGNIFICANTLY. Then you must decide whether to cough up the extra money or to go through the hassle of migrating to a new web host.

Lyrical Host Reviews

If you are wanting to sign up for a web host with consistently great prices and lots of added bonuses, I recommend using Lyrical Host (Affiliate Link).

Even if you are a beginner on a tight budget, Lyrical Host is my number one pick for website host!

Lyrical offers a Tiny Package for a super reasonable monthly price. This monthly hosting fee was my only regular blogging expense for the first two years of running my website.

Therefore, when you sign up with Lyrical Host, your monthly fee could easily be the only regular blog cost you have until you start making money.

Infographic about Why you should choose Lyrical Host for Your Blog

Furthermore, in my experience, Lyrical Host pays for itself time and time again. Even though I have been running a website for several years, I am sometimes stumped with technical and coding issues on my blog.

Whenever one of these WordPress issues arise, I open a support ticket with Lyrical Host. One of the Lyrical technicians responds within an hour (usually in around 10 minutes) and fixes the entire problem at no cost.

I am always amazed when I receive a response that says “Oh, we do that for free.”

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    It’s such a relief to be able to count on friendly, helpful people who obviously know way more than I do about technical issues. Lyrical Host has saved me SO MUCH money through the years that I feel like my monthly hosting fees are a steal!

    In addition to the amazing customer service you receive with Lyrical Host, I also recommend them for these reasons:

    • You can cancel anytime. Unlike other hosting companies that require you to sign a contract for a year of service, Lyrical allows you to pay monthly and to cancel without penalty.

    • They offer free extras. Lyrical Host offers lots of free resources for their clients. You will find things like website security, stock photos, caching, and much more are included for free in your monthly host subscription. In addition, Lyrical donates portions of its proceeds to charities around the world. They even plant a tree for each customer on your hosting anniversary!

    • Lyrical provides helpful resources. On their website, Lyrical Host offers tons of free and deeply discounted resources for its customers. You will find a whole library of courses available for under $50 that would typically cost $200-$500. I especially recommend the Speed Booster course once you have been blogging for a while. This course is a crazy good deal and is eye opening for those looking to fix site speed issues.

    • You can join the Facebook group. Once you sign up to host your blog with Lyrical, you should definitely join their Facebook group. The owner, Jenni, provides daily tips and advice. You can also ask questions and get feedback from other experienced bloggers in the group. 

    After joining the Lyrical community, you will see just how warm-hearted the owners are. They work so hard to go above and beyond for their customers.

    I continue to be amazed by their kindness and helpfulness. It’s so nice to be able to rely on a host whenever you need them.

    You can use my affiliate link here – Web Hosting with Lyrical Host – to sign up and get started on WordPress. Make sure you use my special promo code MOMBLOG10 to receive 10% off your first month of hosting!

    Once you sign up with Lyrical Host, they will ask for your Namecheap login information. The Lyrical technician access your Namecheap account to point your DNS records correctly. Lyrical will also set up a free SSC certificate for security.

    About thirty minutes after the technician completes these tasks, you should be able to access your WordPress account. Just type your domain URL into a search engine, and WordPress setup will be displayed.

    Lyrical will instruct you to complete setup ASAP to prevent spammers from taking over the website. The set-up page is really simple to complete. It shows your site title, username, password, and email.

    When creating your username, do NOT choose the name admin because it’s too easy to guess. You can change your password from the one created by Lyrical once you are logged in. I go over this in my WordPress Dashboard guide below.

    I also suggest leaving the box that says “Discourage search engine from indexing” unchecked. If you check this, Google and other search engines won’t be able to find your website.

    Final Reviews of Lyrical Host

    After you sign up with Lyrical Host and login to WordPress, you may find the dashboard a bit overwhelming. I created a comprehensive guide that walks you through each tab on the WordPress Dashboard.

    ↓↓ Get It Here ↓↓

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      In this free guide, I explain how to use each tab, and I show you how to best configure your settings. You can grab my WordPress Dashboard Guide by filling out the form pictured above!

      In summary, the easiest way to start a blog with WordPress is to do so through your web host. Once you sign up with Lyrical Host, you will download wordpress.ORG. Then you can pat yourself on the back because you have officially started a blog!

      Are you starting a blog on WordPress?

      Comment below to share your questions!

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